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Having a dog or cat first aid kit can give pet owners peace of mind. They know that they’ll be ready just in case any sort of pet emergency arises – either at home or while traveling.

Here are a few tips on putting together a kit to give your furry friend the care they will need should an emergency situation occur.

a dog and a cat in emergency collarsSafety First: Why Should All Pet Parents Have A Dog Or Cat First Aid Kit?

You never know when your pet may face a situation that requires immediate medical care. You may take your dog for a long stroll in the woods (or even camping), and they could suffer an emergency. Or you might face some sort of natural disaster that requires evacuation of your dogs and cats. Pet emergencies can happen at virtually any time.

Most people have a first aid kit handy for themselves and their family members. It often contains antiseptic liquid for wound cleaning, bandages, and other essential items. If you’re like most pet parents, you know your pets are also a part of the family. And having a pet first aid kit can keep them protected as well.

There are two options you can take when it comes to a pet first aid kit. You can go to your nearest pet store and find one that’s already prepared. Or you can put one together yourself.

First Aid Medical Supplies: Elastic Bandage, Antiseptic, And More

Here are some of the items your kit should contain if you choose to put a first aid kit for your pet together yourself. When you’ve gathered the items, keep them in a safe place. You might even want to keep one in your home and another in your vehicle.


Adhesive tape and adhesive bandages will sometimes be needed in a pet emergency to control bleeding until you can get veterinary care.

There are non-adhesive bandages available that won’t stick to fur. Have some scissors handy, too. There are scissors available that make it easy to remove bandages without the risk of accidentally hurting your pet.1

Other Important Items And Info Often Needed In A Pet Emergency

There are a few other items you should consider putting in your dog or cat first aid kit, including a copy of your pet’s vet records, a can of chicken broth or tuna, and a bottle of dish soap.

Canned chicken broth or tuna may come in handy if your pet gets into something poisonous, such as a toxic plant or a household cleaner. It can help flush out the mouth and esophagus. Your pet will still need to be taken to the vet for medical help.

You may also be able to use the dish soap to safely clean your pet’s fur if they come into contact with a chemical. Talk to your veterinarian or animal poison control beforehand, though.2 They may tell you that your pet needs to be seen right away.

Also, keep a dog leash, some dog or cat food, and a bag of kitty litter in your kit. These may be needed if you and your pet ever have to flee your home due to some sort of natural disaster.

If possible, keep your pet’s medical records in a safe place – just in case you need to leave your home and go to a new vet for a little while.

Preparing For A Pet Emergency

dog with vet bandaging legIf a pet emergency does arise, you’ll need to stay calm so you can give your beloved companion the best care possible. Having a plan in place could go a long way toward helping you keep your cool.

First, keep your vet’s number, as well as the ASPCA’s animal poison information hotline number ((888) 426-4435) on your phone. Also, find out where the nearest emergency clinic is located just in case something happens when your vet’s office is closed.

If you have to go to an emergency clinic, you’ll need to have some sort of method of payment. A pet emergency is typically more expensive than regular care. In many cases, a clinic will require you to pay a deposit or pay your bill in full at the time of service. 3Planning ahead and having emergency savings for your pet is always a smart and responsible choice.

Don’t Panic, Just Be Prepared

cat with emergency collar onShould an emergency situation occur, you’ll need to act quickly and provide for your pet until you can get them seen by a vet. Having a pet emergency kit can help you do just that.

Chances are that you probably won’t ever have to experience any sort of pet emergency. But having a dog or cat first aid kit handy will give you peace of mind. You’ll know that you’ll be ready should any sort of sudden issue arise.


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