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Nutra Thrive for Dogs

The Ultimate 40-in-1 Dog Food Booster

This formula combines powerful probiotics with easily-absorbed vitamins, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion and higher energy levels — so your dog can live a long, happy life.

Nutra Bites

Freeze-Dried Raw Bison Liver Dog Treats

These bite-size, single ingredient Bison treats are the ideal protein that’s low calorie and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids — with zero fillers, by-products, preservatives or additives.

Juve Flex

Advanced Canine Hip & Joint Support Formula

Juve Flex contains powerful, natural ingredients to support healthy joint function. By giving your dog some much-needed relief and promoting good joint health. Juve-Flex can help your dog get the “pep” back in their step, and stay comfortably active for years to come.

Canine Detox

Canine Liver & Environmental Support Supplement

Canine Detox is an advanced formula designed to support your dog’s natural detoxification system: Their liver. This formula can help your dog fight off the toxins that they may encounter from their environment every day — from pollen and dust to ingredients in their food.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Detox Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Detox


Canine Comfort

Calming and Relaxation Support

Canine Comfort is a premium blend of herbal extracts and natural compounds to promote calm and relaxation in nervous, fearful, or hyperactive dogs. Each chewable tablet can help your dog manage stress, increase focus, and reduce separation anxiety.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Detox Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Detox


Nutra Complete

100% Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

This formula combines premium-quality freeze-dried raw beef, a hand-selected blend of fruits and vegetables, and a potent mix of essential vitamins, to give your dog the nutrition they need for a long, healthy life. Because it is freeze-dried raw, Nutra Complete delivers the most important nutrients for canine longevity — without the unhealthy “AGE” compounds found in many kibbles.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Radiance Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Canine Radiance


Canine Radiance

Seasonal Skin Allergy Support

Canine Radiance is a premium blend of Omega-3s, plant polyphenols, and antioxidants to help relieve dry, itchy skin that comes with seasonal allergies. These tasty beef-and-butter flavored chews can help your dog manage discomfort, paw-chewing, and frequent scratching.*

Why Ultimate Pet Nutrition?

Integrative Approach

Ultimate Pet Nutrition was founded by Dr. Gary Richter, who was voted “America’s Favorite Veterinarian.” His integrative approach combines the best of Western and Holistic practices. Ultimate Pet Nutrition reflects his personal philosophy — that if we give our dogs nutrient-rich foods and supplements, we can help them stay healthy and happy for many years to come.

Our Promise To You

We want pets to have the nutrition they need to be at their healthiest. We carefully choose every ingredient to make sure it is of the highest quality, and free of any preservatives, artificial ingredients or fillers. And we back our products with a 90-Day Refund Promise. That means if you don’t see noticeable improvements in your pet’s life, simply send back any used and unused product within 90 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive a full, hassle-free refund.