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How Long Until I Get My Order?
Most of our orders are ready to ship out of our warehouse the same day you place an order. Fortunately, we’re experiencing very few delays in shipping at this time. However, our warehouse is practicing safe social distancing, so we have slightly fewer staff working day-to-day. Currently, most U.S. orders are still shipping out within 1-3 days of your order, and should arrive at your door in about 2-7 business days. (NOTE: Expect delays for international shipping.)
How Much Can I Order?
For the time being, we’re not placing a limit on how much you can order. We’re doing this so you can stock up on everything your dog or cat needs for the coming weeks and months, without worry. That being said, we can’t guarantee we’ll remain stocked on every product — especially with the recent influx of orders. If your dog or cat relies on our formulas, as many do, we recommend purchasing as soon as you can, to be safe.
Are All Items In Stock?
Currently, the majority of our formulas ARE in stock. As soon as an item sells out, it will be clearly marked with a “sold out” icon on that specific product page, and you won’t be able to add those items to your cart. We are working as hard as we can while keeping safety our #1 priority. So as a reminder, we recommend ordering what you need as soon as you can. That way, you can have the peace of mind that your dog or cat’s health is taken care of.
I Want to Make Sure my Pet’s Health Is Taken Care of. What Products Should I Start With?
This is a great question, and we’re happy to help. To keep your pet’s digestion and immune system running smoothly, we recommend a daily dose of Nutra Thrive for dogs and Nutra Thrive for cats. And to help your pet filter out household toxins, like any extra cleaning products or sanitizers you may be using indoors, we recommend Canine Detox, our liver-support formula.  And finally, for a healthy treat you don’t have to leave the house to get, check out Nutra Bites for dogs and Nutra Bites for cats.