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Nutra Thrive for Cats

Feline Nutritional Supplement

Nutra Thrive for Cats

Feline Nutritional Supplement

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Advanced Formula

The secret is in its advanced 3-in-1 blend.

Premium Researched Ingredients

Grain Free

Manufactured in the USA

Superfoods Blend

Packed with immune-supporting nutrients to support whole-body health

Super Feline Blend

Rich in easily-absorbed vitamins and minerals to “recharge” energy levels

Probiotic & Enzyme Blend

To promote nutrient absorption and help alleviate digestive discomfort

How to Use

Nutra Thrive is an advanced supplement powder — with a chicken flavor your cat will love.

To give your cat the full benefits of Nutra Thrive, simply follow the guidelines below. Use this formula consistently for the best results.

Step 1

Get the right amount of dosage needed for your cat’s size. Pour the dosage onto your cat’s normal food.

TIP: Follow the feeding chart for best results.

Step 2

You may also sprinkle or pour a little bit of water into the bowl — enough to coat the kibble, but not so much that it floats in the water. About 1/4 cup should be enough.

TIP: Use a measuring cup if necessary. Measuring cup not included.

Step 3

Thoroughly mix Nutra Thrive until the powder evenly coats your cat’s food.

TIP: If you see Nutra Thrive powder after thoroughly mixing, add a little bit of water and repeat step 3.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Promise to You

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we’re proud to formulate some of the most advanced pet supplements on the market — which is why every purchase is backed by our 90-Day Refund Promise.

If you don’t see a noticeable improvements in your pet’s health and happiness, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days — and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nutra Thrive?

Nutra Thrive is a chicken-flavored powder that can be added to any cat food. Each scoop of Nutra Thrive is packed with easily-absorbed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

The secret is in its 3-in-1 formula — Superfoods Blend, Super Feline Blend, and Probiotic-Enzyme Blend — which helps promote health and a balanced digestion.

How do I prepare Nutra Thrive?

Nutra Thrive is easy to prepare — simply follow the guidelines below. Use it consistently to get the best results.

For cats up to 30 pounds - 1 scoop of Nutra Thrive


3200 kcal/kg, 4.5 kcal/scoop


Crude Protein (Min.) 23%, Crude Fat (Min.) 9%,

Crude Fiber (Max.) 5%, Moisture (Max.) 7%.

What are the main ingredients in Nutra Thrive?

These are the main ingredients in Nutra Thrive Feline Nutritional Supplement:

  • Super Feline Blend – Fish oil powder, Engevita® GSH glutathione inactive yeast, Beef liver, Chicken collagen
  • Probiotic & Enzyme Blend – (Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei & Lactobacillus plantarum) (1 billion CFU), Papain, Protease, Amylase, Lipase
  • Superfoods Blend – Aquamin plant sea minerals, Chlorella, Mushroom blend (reishi, shitake, maitake), Organic carrot, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Spirulina
  • Vitamin and Mineral BlendMicrocrystalline calcium hydroxyapatite, Ascorbic acid, Magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate, Zinc bisglycinate chelate, Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, Inositol hexanicotinate, D-calcium pantothenate, Biotin, Cholecalciferol, Riboflavin & riboflavin 5-phosphate, Thiamine HCI, Selenium-L-methionine, Methylcobalamin, Chromium complex with Phyllanthus emblica fruit and purified shilajit (Crominex® 3+), Folate [from Quatrefolic®]
  • Taurine, L-Arginine, L-Methionine
  • Calcium fructorbate (FruiteX-B®)


Nutra Thrive contains quality ingredients — and each one is hand-selected for maximum effectiveness and purity. However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning any new supplement.

Is Nutra Thrive quality-checked?

A: Quality is our number one priority here at Ultimate Pet Nutrition, so all of our products go through rigorous testing for quality, purity and potency at an independent, 3rd-party facility.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we’re proud to formulate some of the most advanced pet supplements on the market — and that’s why every purchase you make is backed by our 90-Day Refund Promise.

If you don’t see a noticeable difference in your cat’s skin, coat, and activity levels, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to refund your purchase price — no hassle, no stress.

4.8 out of 5
4.8 OUT OF 5
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5 out of 5


May 2 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Clearly Helps Digestion (Reduces Odor)

Pet's Name: Moose

Pet's Age: 13

“My male cat gets wet food twice a day, and has all day access to dry food, which he also likes. I’ve had him since an 8 week tiny kitten, and his #2 had always been the all time foulest odor, that could peel paint. I discovered this years ago - and it miraculously cured that problem. We go through a jar slowly, as I just dust it on his dry food every time I fill the bowl. 5 stars”

4 out of 5


May 1 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Thrive 4 Cats

Pet's Name: Rosey

Pet's Age: 5

“I have slowly been giving Rosey your product for a month now. She seems to enjoy the taste but I still haven't given her the recommended amount. The biggest thing I have noticed about her is her energy level! Her poop however still stinks and she still sheds a lot. From going to an outside cat to indoors (due to a move) she has definitely improved. Once her poop stops smelling so awful I will give you a rating of 5 stars!”

5 out of 5

Tom C

Apr 29 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Great Product

Pet's Name: Kelsey

Pet's Age: 16

“My cat loves this product, and along with a raw food diet, I am convinced it has helped to extend her lifespan.”

5 out of 5


Apr 23 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Thrive

Pet's Name: Starlight

Pet's Age: 16

“I recommend this product. I have seen great results in 1 week on the full dose. My cat has energy I have not seen in years. She is not scratching and wounding her face. She has a robust appetite now and drinks more water. She is a happier cat, and her later years will be her best. Thank you!”

4 out of 5

Paloma G

Mar 12 2023  

Verified Reviewer


Pet's Name: Mickey

Pet's Age: 18 meses

“It is an excellent source of vitamins for my kitty. He takes his dose 3 times a week to start with because as it's a new flavor Mickey finds it a bit difficult to adjust to these flavors but it's only a matter of time before he accepts his normal dose. Thanks.”

4 out of 5


Mar 6 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Thrive

Pet's Name: Sherkahn Puttitat Luna Shadow Stripe

Pet's Age: 4 months-4 years

“I have been giving sprinkles if it to their wet food to introduce the tast gradually. Two are indoor, three are outdoor. Four of five don’t seem to mind but one isn’t buying it. The indoor cats have improved on their fece smell and appearance. Their coats are getting softer and their breath is less pungent. Need to convince Puttitat”

5 out of 5


Mar 1 2023  

Verified Reviewer


Pet's Name: Q, Cali, trouble, Moe, Maggie

Pet's Age: 13,2,8 mos,8 mos,8 mos

“I have been using Nutra Thrive on all my cats and they really like it . It has helped my older cat in the fact she can now eat some canned meat without throwing it up. I am now starting to see a difference in all their hair coats and seeing a little less shedding. I am seeing more of a difference in my older cat as far as energy levels.”

5 out of 5

Linda L

Mar 1 2023  

Verified Reviewer


Pet's Name: Misty

Pet's Age: 10

“This product actually made a difference! Misty was starting to put on weight and her hair had lost it’s beautiful shine. She now has beautiful furr and is slimmer and more active.”

5 out of 5

Kathy McPeak

Feb 24 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Thrive powder

Pet's Name: Ambrose, Amber

Pet's Age: 6 and 2

“Ambrose is very energetic since I started him on the Nutra Thrive. He used to be a real lounge lizard, but now he plays more and does zoomies through the house. Amber however took one sniff of the Nutra Thrive and refused to even taste it. I need some ideas on how to get her interested in it.”

4 out of 5


Feb 23 2023  

Verified Reviewer

She loves it

Pet's Name: CeeCee

Pet's Age: 12

“Rescued her at 9 months old from neighbors whose grandkids miss treated her. She’s 12 now and been loved every minute since then. She doesn’t like the powder on her dry food, but once I added a little water and mixed it she loves it. She literally begs for it now with each morning feeding. I have noticed an improvement in her activity level and she isn’t shedding as much. Her poops are much better formed, not hard little pellets like before. She isn’t throwing up as much, used to be daily ( both food and hairballs), now maybe every 3 or 4 days and only hair and not as much as before. Would probably have given 5 stars, if not for the vomiting still, maybe with more time that will improve more, she’s only been eating Nutra Thrive for 2 weeks now.”

*All pets are unique. Your pet’s results can and will vary.

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