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Nutra Thrive For Cats Reviews

Find out why people love Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive for Cats! Below are real customer reviews of Nutra Thrive for Cats. Click on this link to read all Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive for Cats Reviews

4 out of 5


May 7 2022  

Good product

“Our cats have been using Thrive for approximately 6 weeks now. At first I wasn't sure how they would like it. 2 of our 3 cats had no problems with it. Our older cat was a little more fussy trying it, so we backed off giving her as much. She is now tolerating it better and all 3 of our cats have a softer, smoother coat. They seem to have more energy as well.”

5 out of 5


May 5 2022  

Helped my baby lose weight and stop peeing on everything!

“It took my cats a few weeks to accept the change in their food but now they ask for me to add it if I forget! I purchased the product because I was at my wits end with my male cat who was very overweight and peeing on the bed. I did some research and found that losing weight may help the problem. I tried to put him on a diet but that was a nightmare as I have two cats and trying to limit his food while feeding her was tricky. I then read about probiotics and tried those but they hated them. Finally, I found Nutra Thrive and what a difference. He has lost 2 kilos and stopped peeing on things! He also has more energy and I feel like a much better cat mom:)”

4 out of 5


Apr 30 2022  

Better than I thought!

“Skin is definitely better than it was. Energy is much better. They seem to really like it too which I’m surprised because one of them is very picky!”

5 out of 5


Apr 29 2022  


“MY cat is almost 13years old and I have noticed that she has much more energy with bright eyes and soft glowing fur. Now at first she did not like the powder in her food then I got the note to add water and mix it in really good and now she loves it. In fact she starts to meow like crazy LOL'' when its time to eat and I'm mixing her food together. I get great joy in seeing my cat at her best and feeling healthy and full of energy and not just being a lazy house cat that lays around all the time like before. Thanks to Nutra Thrive I do feel that my cat is on her way to living a much longer and healthier life , I'm So Happy that I found this product to better enhance not only my cats health but her life.”

5 out of 5

Stephen Jones

Apr 26 2022  

“Have two cats that are both 8 years old. Have been using NutriThrive for years now. They are both very healthy [...]. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with pets. I use nutritional supplements in my diet as well. I firmly believe that it's essential for all of us to do so especially in today's environment of cheap, highly processed foods.”

5 out of 5

The Kikins

Apr 25 2022  

The Kikins

“This is actually a VERY good product. I was skeptical at first, but it has proven to be amazing in so many ways. First off, it doesn’t smell like vitamins at all. It smells kind of like chicken soup. I just measure out the same number of feedings of my cats regular dry food as the number of scoops it says on the jar of Ultimate Pet Nutrition powder and pour both into a ziplock bag and shake it up. Then I’m good to go fir almost a month. My cat “The Kikins” is in LOVE with it. He is so enthusiastic about eating it and finishes his meal everytime. His fur became SO shinny and soft within only a week of using this product. He’s more alert and definitely happier and more interested in interacting with me as well as the other cats in the house. He used to have a little bit of dry skin in spots before which has completely gone away since I’ve started using this product. My boyfriend has 2 cats as well and I turned him onto this product and it has helped them as well. One of his cats used to have ridiculously smelly poo, but after only about a week of eating this on his food he has not had that problem anymore. They used to constantly be begging for food, even waking us up in the middle of the night sometimes, or even after they had just eaten (I’m assuming because their regular food was not go filling their needs). But now they seem to be very content and not begging anymore. I have also recommended this product to my mom who has a cat that is an extremely picky eater and is quite thin. She is actually placing her order as we speak. I am extremely happy with this product all the way around. No complaints whatsoever! High fives, knuckle bump. This is friggin awesome!!!”

5 out of 5


Apr 17 2022  


“My 2 cats who are almost 16 years old have been on NutriThrive for 3 months. They have more playful time now, and their coats are healthier and so much softer. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!”

5 out of 5

Sox & Luna

Apr 13 2022  

Nutra Thrive

“My 2 cats (6 & 4 years old) have been on the Nutra Thrive for about 1 year and have had improvements with bowel movements, coat brilliance and generally increased their moods and playfullness. All around great product for supplementing their health and well being. I am grateful !”

5 out of 5

Dr. Bonnie

Apr 4 2022  

Treat Your BFFF (Best Furry Feline Friend) to the best nutrition available!

“Ginger and I now take our supplements together every evening. She loves it so much that she will not touch her food if someone forgets to add the supplement. This is a kitty who loves food, so that is really saying something! Her coat is much softer and shinier and she has enough energy to keep me to her 5:30am wake-up schedule!”

5 out of 5

Regina C

Mar 26 2022  

Best Vet Advice

“My cat, Zachary, takes 1/8 spoonful of nutra Thrive 2x daily. He now,regurgitates less,sheds less,no longer wakes up w/crusty eyes,has an unbelieveable soft coat that I love to touch,&is much more spry at 12 yrs old.Few vets know about nutrition.This Doc has it down.So very much appreciate the results as I am sure ,Zachary, does too!!!! Many thanks for your obvious concern.”

4 out of 5


Mar 26 2022  

My boys progress

“My boy Tux looks forward to this every day. When he hears the can open, he knows he's going to get a nutritional meal with the Nutri Thrive. And he devours it all! He's quite a bit more spunky since I added Nutri Thrive. Thank you for a good product!”

5 out of 5


Mar 26 2022  

Amazing difference

“Before i starting this product with my cat he was not eating like he should, he was shedding out of control and i was concerned about his urinary health. Coco now eats good and his fur is under control. A first he wouldn't touch his food so i adding a little water and mixed it up now if i dont put it on his food he turns his nose 👃 up and walks away. I think Nutra thrive has made a good difference for his body.”

5 out of 5

Annie Nelson

Mar 25 2022  

So Glad I Bought It!

“Saw your video and decided to try your product for my cat, KitKat. She is about 8 years. Her fur was dull, she slept all the time and was cranky. Started her on Nutra Thrive for Cats. Oh my goodness! Been less than 2 months. Her fur is shiny again. She is playing with her toys, running around. And her attitude has gotten nicer. Such a change! Thank you!”

5 out of 5

Garnet Booth

Mar 20 2022  

Nutra Thrive

“Prior to giving my 23 old cat Nutra thrive she was just laying around all day not wanting to interact with no one. After giving her Nutra thrive she is now up walking around jumping up on the chair wanting to sit with me, I haven’t she her do that in years.”

5 out of 5


Mar 17 2022  

Nutrition Thrive for Cats

“Our cat Cami was throwing up fairly often and it was increasing in frequency but we made no changes in her food except better quality treats than she used to eat at our son's home. We got her the same food she was doing well on but we know the packaged food isn’t great, but we live in a condo so we need to keep odor down. So we changed and got hairball formula and higher nutrition and mixed them to try to help. It didn't seem to. Since we got the Nutri Thrive she has not been throwing up and acts like she has more energy darting back and forth through the house like a kitten with pent up energy. Thank you.”

5 out of 5

Dianne Daku owens

Mar 16 2022  

Cat supplement

“Noticeable in the improved coat with less fur loss”

5 out of 5

Brian L Williams

Mar 15 2022  

Healthy as can be

“Luna, my faithful companion is healthy and 5 years old. She only eats dried food, I give one scoopful a day and she loves it. That cat will out live me. Thank You”

5 out of 5


Mar 12 2022  

Amazingly quick results

“I always thought my 8 year old calico had a beautiful soft coat. But within two weeks of eating Nutra Thrive her coat is like SILK! She’s also much more active. I always thought she was just “too cool” for cat toys and simply didn’t like our other cat. Now she initiates play and runs around playing with toys. Nutra Thrive has brought her to life! I highly recommend it. It’s well worth the price. I tried Nutra Thrive because she over grooms, has always had problems with hairballs and constipation. She doesn’t seem to groom so much now and has far fewer hairballs but she’s only been eating it for about a month. She seems to shed less too. And There’s definite improvement in her stools which was the greatest of my concerns. She seems so much healthier- inside and out!”

5 out of 5

Peggy Sue Bowe

Mar 11 2022  

Ninja Kitty is thriving on Nutra Thrive!

“Ninja Kitty is doing great 👍 with the Nutra Thrive supplement. She doesn't throw up several times daily anymore. She has more energy and I am thrilled!”

5 out of 5


Mar 11 2022  

Beneficial for Gus-Gus

“Had to start slowly, like recommended. Gus was finicky to start out. Gets 1/2 scoop morning and evening with his wet food. Has improved his "hacking" that often resulted in vomiting. Has improved digestion and stool consistency. Fur is shiny and has less dander. All in all is a success!!”

5 out of 5


Mar 11 2022  

Great Product

“This product is the best. The 15 year old cat is happy healthy . The difference from before to now is astounding . I strongly have to say do NOT hesitate to buy this product.”

5 out of 5


Mar 11 2022  

Tigger the whinny cat

“Tigger, our Torty, was constantly tossing her cookies. That is no longer the case. She does have a hairball periodically but she is much better, She is 13 and her coat looks much better. She is generally a more happy cat.”

4 out of 5


Mar 10 2022  

Healthy cat

“Digestion has improved. I only sprinkle a little bit and hide it in the wet food. So far, so good!”

5 out of 5


Mar 9 2022  

My cats love the Nutra Thrive Supplement

“My 2 10-year old cats have been healthy before the Nurtra Thrive but they love the taste of the supplement and I know that it must be doing them some good. They seem more active and definitely eat more dry food with the supplement on it.”

4 out of 5


Mar 8 2022  

All Good

“Atticus, our 5.5-year-old orange tabby, wasn't a big fan of the Nutra Thrive the first couple of servings, but now I think he actually likes it! 🙂 He's always been healthy and I've just been giving it to him because of the benefits to his long-term health, so I can't say that I've seen a difference in him or his behavior, but I feel good about giving him a quality supplement to improve his overall quality of life. Oh, and I've learned some fun cat facts and tips from your newsletter, too. :)”

5 out of 5


Mar 6 2022  

Healthy Pumpkin

“Since using Nutra Thrive our rescue cat has thick, glossy black fur with no dander, and decreased shedding. Don’t know how old she is, but we want her to be with us for a long time and will continue to keep her on this product.”

5 out of 5

Elinor Lacy

Mar 5 2022  

Peace and no fighting

“My boys (two Burmese cats) are more peaceful. They play more and like to cuddle. Of course, the are beautiful and very lovable!”

5 out of 5


Mar 2 2022  

Happy Campers!

“Cody (M) and Belle (F) are siblings. They don't always like the same food, but they agree on Nutra Thrive! I mix it into their dry food, and they chow down together. Cody has lost 1 pound and I'm hoping he'll lost the other, as our vet suggested. Belle is perfect as she is. I can rest easy knowing they're getting the right supplements. Since I take mine every day, I know how important they are to overall health. THANK YOU from Cody and Belle.”

4 out of 5

Mom of three

Mar 2 2022  

Happy kitties

“I have been giving my kitties Nutra Thrive for over a month now and I have seen changes in all three. My12 years old is the senior of the three and I have seen the most changes in her. She had lots of dander and slept all day. Now she looks beautiful and actually runs around the house and plays. I haven’t seen that from her for a long time. The other two are coming along and I have high hopes that I will see changes in them soon. Thank you Dr. Richter you have changed the life of my kitties.”

4 out of 5


Feb 28 2022  

Fat Cat! Skinny Cat!

“I have two cats - one is overweight and one is not. Daisy has lost at least one full pond since starting on Nutra Thrive a couple if months ago. Carbon is maintaining his ideal weight. They both seem to love the flavor of 1/2 scoop each. Not so much with a full scoop. Both are young so energy is not a problem but they both look & act like healthy, vibrant cats. Will keep giving them Thrive to keep them that way. Thanks!”

5 out of 5

Snerdley’s Mama

Feb 26 2022  

Nutra Thrive

“Our Snerdley is a 9 year old rescue, tuxedo, longhair beauty, she is deeply loved. When she started developing issues with hair balls and vomiting we were at a loss … we tried the hair ball treats we bought at the pet store which we researched and found were exacerbating her vomiting. The Nutra Thrive was our ‘hail Mary’ for her and it was the best thing we’ve done! No more vomiting, no more hair balls, she is much more energetic, affectionate and playful. Thank you, Dr. Richter, we are grateful for you.”

5 out of 5

Denise Roach

Feb 26 2022  

Love it!

“I’ve been using Nutra Thrive for 3 days now. I have 3 cats. My 13 year old, Willow, has limited mobility, CH, and is very thin. Mainly bought this for her cause her health has really deteriorated over the last year. I have to really give some praise to this product. In just 3 days, Willow is eating better and really wants to eat all the time now. She seems more alert too. My other two cats are eating all their food in one feeding now. They really seem to love eating now. I’m just gradually adding about half this product in their soft food until they get use to it. I will keep you posted on their progress. So far I’m sold on how well this works!”

4 out of 5


Feb 13 2022  

Over a Month - WOW!

“My catpanion is over 15 and has a history of vomiting, usually on my bed (yuk), food and hair balls. Since she started on Nutra Thrive, she has vomited twice (not on the bed) has much more energy, is playful and demands attention rather than sleeping 23 hours a day. She appears to be far a happier and younger cat.”

4 out of 5

Stephanie M

Feb 12 2022  

Glad we tried this

“My (approx. 8 yrs old) boy has had a definite increase in energy. He’s had a rough time adjusting to our recent move & has seemed rather down. It seems this product works despite not being able to give him the full scoop. I haven’t been able to increase to the full dose because he just doesn’t seem to care for the flavor. How amazing that there noticeable results despite that fact?! 🙌🏼”

4 out of 5

Libby W

Feb 11 2022  

One month on product

“My older cat has a sensative stomach, so I reduced the formula by half. She has thrown up 3 times, but seems to have more energy.”

5 out of 5

Katrina Jones

Feb 6 2022  


“My female cat was underweight and had poor nutrition & gut health. She now receives Nutra Thrive twice daily and is in the best health of her life. We are both living happy lives”

5 out of 5

Peapod’s Mom

Feb 5 2022  


“Peapod is a short haired torti. She is 12 years old. I put her on Nutra Thrive about three months ago and she is doing so good! Unbelievable change in her! She doesn’t throw up anymore, there is food left in her dish now and she drinks a lot more water which has helped her constipation issues. The first week I have it to her, it’s like someone lit a firecracker under her! She rips and runs through the house now. She plays all the time with her toys by herself. She would never play by herself before, only if you initiated it. She has turned it this bright eyed, not as needy cat and I love her!!! Thank you Dr. Richter for bringing back the kitten in my almost 13 year old cat❤️❤️❤️”

4 out of 5


Feb 2 2022  

More energetic

“My 8 year old cat has more energy since using Nutri Thrive. She zips around the house and up and down the stairs on a regular basis now. I have also given it to my daughter for her cat who’s had a variety of issues. I really like this product and will continue using it for my cat as she ages.”

4 out of 5


Jan 31 2022  

My cats improvement

“My cat is more active, playing and running around and his fur looks better and thicker.”

5 out of 5


Jan 30 2022  

Quite amazed!

“I must say, I was quite hesitant to start this supplementation for my cat Guinness, who is approximately 14 years old. He is a Maine coon and boy did I get lucky! I rescued him just a little under two years of age and he has come a long way from the first day I brought him home. As Guinny advanced in age, I saw a regression that I tried to deny for quite some time. He was not as playful, losing weight, more finicky with his food and played a lot less with his toys. Ever since I started Nutra thrive, I have to say I am speechless! It was slow at first as he had to get used to the products and cats are finicky as we all know… But today I have a brand new cat! Even at his age, one would think he was 10 years younger! Not only is he more enthusiastic, with a better appetite and super playful, but he appears happier and more interactive as a whole! I am in the medical field and was very hesitant starting this supplement, afraid of side effects such as renal failure etc. Be has definitely “thrived“ on Nutra thrive! I couldn’t be happier with the progress my baby boy has made.”

5 out of 5

Christina K.

Jan 29 2022  

My cats adore Nutra Thrive

“We adopted two rehomed 8 year old cats recently and wanted to help them get as healthy as possible. One was very obese and the other was exhibiting a lot of allergy-type symptoms. They’ve only been on Nutra Thrive a couple months, but it has become the high point of their day! Each morning and evening we give them each a small bowl of half a scoop of Nutra Thrive, a spoonful of wet catfood, and some water. They lick those bowls clean! I’m happy to think they’re getting some decent nutrition without having to play around with changing the food they’re accustomed to, as they’ve been through enough change. The most noticeable difference has been in the catbox, hard dry painful looking nuggets have been replaced with much healthier looking ones. That tells me some positive healing is taking place! Our obese cat used to cry when we touched his tummy and he doesn’t do that anymore and the allergic cat seems to be exhibiting less symptoms overall. It’s still early days, but I think we are definitely on the right road with this product!”

4 out of 5

Barbi P.

Jan 27 2022  

Seeing improvement

“My 20 year old calico seems to be moving better and her coat is looking better. I am still in a trial period with her, but so far, so good!”

5 out of 5


Jan 27 2022  

Vet Staff Approved!

“So far my fur baby is softer, eyes are brighter and his over all personality is better. I work at a vet office and the Doctors agreed that the ingredients look great! I will be continuing it :)”

5 out of 5

Cat Lady

Jan 19 2022  

My cats are doing great on nutri thrive

“All of my rescues (75) are on it now. I notice shinier coats..brighter eyes and way more energy.”

5 out of 5

Patricia Martz

Jan 16 2022  

Nutra Thrive

“It is great, just like you said! My 10 yr. old Bengal had about a 1/4 dipper full to start with and actually a little less since she wouldn't eat too much to begin with and in about 2 days only of a small amount l could see a great shine to her hair. It now has such a glow and deepness of color. Her eyes are even a more beautiful shade of green. I am seeing her eyes cleaner and brighter! All the shine in her hair actually could be seen in a couple days and only about 1/8 dipper of powder.”

5 out of 5


Jan 14 2022  

My cat has never seemed so energetic

“I started to give my cat (who is only 4 years old) this product because shes had a bit of an over eating habit that causes her to throw up. Shes still very young but before the powder, she was always sleeping through the day and sleeping through the night. Then over eating and throwing up 2 to 3 times a day. The first 2 days of the powder she threw up once after her first few bites, but now her body has gotten used to the powder. It's been a week and she has not thrown up anymore, and she has food left in her bowl by the end of the day. She seems so much more active it's like she is my little kitten again. She is awake all throughout the day and is drinking so much more water. This powder is wonderful, she used to have dandruff on her fur but now her coat is shiny, soft, and her dandruff is gone. This truly was a great purchase for my sweet girl, I want nothing but the best for her and now shes getting the best.”

5 out of 5

From Over-Grooming to Glossy Coat

Jan 12 2022  

Coat Incredibly Changed

“I began using Nutra Thrive more than a year ago. My oldest cat Misaki (12 years old) was over-grooming horribly. Her coat was thin or non-existent in places and extremely dull. My other two cats, Koko and Mouse, had dull coats as well that they shed constantly. I saw this and figured why not. Misaki quit her obsessive over-grooming and simply grooms now. There are places that will probably never fill back in because this was almost a 6-year habit. Her coat, as well as her brothers' coats are smooth and shiny. Shedding is greatly decreased. And it is only with the Nutra Thrive supplement that they will eat their dry food. Without it, it is a no-go. As for energy, they are more like kittens in their play. Thank you.”

5 out of 5

Richard Crowell

Jan 10 2022  

Amazing change in my senior 17 year old Russian Blue female cat Nadia.

“This is an amazing product as I have been giving it to all of my 5 cats now for two months. What a difference completely in their behavior, especially my senior 17 years old cat Nadia, our Russian Blue. For the past year, up until now, she has been very sluggish, hardly any appetite, and rear leg joint problems, not being able to walk without a limp in her left leg joints. She was at the point where she could not jump up onto the couch on her favorite sleeping bed and her auto cat bed warmer. She would hardly play anymore with her cat toys , especially her wand feather toys. she loved Daddy to play with her. She just wanted to sleep and not bother with anything else. After starting her on nutra thrive two months ago, I noticed that after 3 days of usage, her appetite picked up to our surprise. After one week she was limping less and now able to jump up onto her cat bed on the couch. After two weeks, she had no more limping, and her appetite was back to normal, if not more and became very activeShe began playing with her mouse, string, and catnip toys and loving her wand toys playing with Daddy. She has now picked up more weight and actually has a little tummy on her now as she was very skinny. To say the least, this has been a miracle product for her. I have also noticed my 4 other cats becoming more active eating more and playing more. I'm so blessed to have come across this advertisement from a facebook ad. It's changed my cats lives. Thank you very much, Dr. Rickter and nutri thrive. I would recommend this product to any cat or dog owner.”

5 out of 5


Jan 10 2022  

There is a difference!

“Our almost 15-year-old cats--they moved in with me two years ago and actually belong to my sister--seem to be thriving with Nutra Thrive, especially the heavier one. Izzy is the slimmer one and has always been active; however, her sister Sweetie was heavier and was pretty much inactive throughout the day. With Nutra Thrive, Sweetie has become much more alive and active and now wants to play more. Thank you.”

5 out of 5


Jan 5 2022  

“This product has had a good effect on my older cat as she used to throw up frequently and after using your product that has eased up quite abit. Thank you!”

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Nutra Thrive for Cats FAQ

Is Nutra Thrive Feline Supplement Good For Cats?*

Nutra Thrive is a powerful supplement designed to help your pet experience better digestive health and energy levels.

What Type Of Cats Should Use Nutra Thrive?

Nutra Thrive is designed for all feline breeds. However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before starting your cat on any new supplement.

What Vitamins Does A Cat Need?*

Cats need certain vitamins, such as niacin (vitamin B3), in higher amounts than dogs and other animals. In addition, their bodies have a hard time making vitamin A — their bodies don’t have enough of the enzyme needed to convert compounds found in plants and vegetables into the vitamin. As a result, they need foods (or supplements) that already contain vitamin A.1

Is Nutra Thrive for Cats Worth The Price?*

Due to the wide variety of beneficial ingredients in every container, we firmly believe your beloved cat can respond positively to Nutra Thrive. Nutra Thrive also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return the unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price if you’re not completely satisfied.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in our product.

Super Feline Blend – This provides nutrition largely through fish and meat sources, including beef liver, fish oil powder, and chicken collagen.

Probiotic & Enzyme Blend – This blend includes probiotics designed to help support your cat’s digestive system. Enzymes, such as amylase, may also help your cat digest carbohydrates.2

Superfoods Blend – Nutra Thrive contains vital nutrients from healthy foods, such as carrots and mushrooms.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend – You’ll also find several other essential vitamins and nutrients, including taurine, biotin, folate, and more.

How Can I Buy Nutra Thrive Cat Supplement?

You can easily purchase Nutra Thrive for Cats through our website. Every product we offer goes through a great deal of testing through an independent, third-party facility. As a result, you can rest assured you can use Nutra Thrive with complete confidence.

We provide the most advanced pet nutrition products on the market. If you don’t see a pronounced difference in your cat’s energy levels, digestive health, coat and skin, simply get in touch with us. Remember, Ultimate Pet Nutrition offers an unsurpassed 90 day return policy. If you’re not happy, simply return the container, and we’ll provide you with a hassle-free refund.

*All pets are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

1 https://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2018/12/cats-are-not-small-dogs-unique-nutritional-needs-of-cats/
2 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0034528816303332