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The technology available for pets and their parents continues to grow at an incredible rate. Whether you’re looking for self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic feeders, or just about anything else, smart pet products are easy to find. These products not only offer unprecedented convenience for pet parents but also help protect pet health.

Here are just a few examples of pet technology that can make life easier for you as well as your furry friend.

Pet Care: How Pet Technology Is Changing Life For Pet Parents

Just about everyone has a smartphone and gets on social media at some point. The internet is just a click away. It didn’t take long for pet industry retailers to realize how to take advantage of this technology. As a result, it’s more convenient than ever to not only own an animal, but to take care of that animal as well.

You can now help ensure your pet’s good health using your phone. For example, pet parents can use apps to keep track of medications and vet appointments. Pet owners can also use an app that allows them to log medical information for dogs with health issues. They can then send that data to their vet.1

pet care technology | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

And if you’re new to an area or plan on taking your pet with you next time you travel, pet technology now makes it possible for pet owners to have easy access to veterinarians, no matter the city. You can easily check out trusted vets across the country.2

You can keep an eye on your pup while you’re away from home. As you’ll see later, there are many different types of cameras that connect to your smartphone. These cameras let you see what your pets are up to all day.

These forms of pet technology are not only boosting pet care and animal health but also peace of mind for pet parents.

Your Pet’s Everyday Health: Automatic Feeders And Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Two of the more interesting advances in pet technology involve animal care in the home. These include automatic pet feeders and self-cleaning litter boxes. Here’s a closer look at each.

Automatic Pet Feeders

automatic pet food dispenser | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Several feeders on the market can dispense cat food and dog food with the click of a button on your smartphone. There are feeders that can store and provide up to 12 meals before needing a refill. You can also control the portions. Some automatic pet feeders even offer “slow feed” options so your pet doesn’t eat too quickly.

cat drinking fountain | Ultimate Pet NutritionThere are also feeders that allow you to record a message that will play back when it’s mealtime. Some models have a sensor that will stop feeding if it detects food is still in your pet’s bowl. There are also feeders available that can hold as many as 25 pounds of dog food, and are activated by a gentle touch from your dog’s nose.3

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

If you have a cat, you’ve probably dreamed of the day where you would no longer have to clean the litter box. Unfortunately, that product doesn’t exist (yet). But there are a lot of automatic litter boxes that make the job much easier than ever before.

Most of these products are equipped with sensors that detect whenever a cat uses the box. It scoops the area where “business” took place, and puts down fresh litter. It can be hard to clean a litter box as often as needed – automatic litter boxes can take a lot of that responsibility off of your shoulders.

But as good as these products are, there is still going to be a bit of work involved with a self-cleaning litter box. Like dog walking, cleaning litter is just a part of having an animal in your home. You’ll still need to empty out the compartment that holds the cat waste. You’ll also need to fill it with litter when necessary.4

Pet Technology To Help Pet Parents Monitor Activity Levels

cat gps collar | Ultimate Pet NutritionYou already know humans use technology to track the number of steps they take each day, or the distance they run. Pet technology can also keep track of your pet’s physical activity. Wearable devices that easily attach to your pet’s collar collect data all day and all night and then send that data to a smartphone app.

These types of wearable devices can give pet owners a great deal of insight into the health of their companions. Say, for example, your dog isn’t as active as before. That could be a sign they’re not feeling well. You can then take your dog to the vet to see if something is wrong.5

Is Your Pet Home Alone? Pet Cameras And Toys

indoor home camera | Ultimate Pet NutritionIf you’re away from home for several hours a day, or you go out of town and hire a sitter for your animals, pet cameras can help you keep an eye on your furry family members.

Technology exists that uses special cameras that recognize dogs and cats. These cameras automatically start recording activity when a pet gets into range. Pet parents then receive the video through their app. They can even share it on social media if they choose to do so.6

Do you want to play with your pet even when you’re away? Thanks to pet technology, there are toys that keep your dog engaged while you’re gone, and enable you to dispense treats through your smartphone for fun.7

Are We Sacrificing Our Bond With Our Pets In The Name of Convenience?

Some people might think that all of this technology is weakening the bonds between pets and their parents. After all, if you can feed them from your smartphone – and even play with them through your phone – you might not be as inclined to spend time with them. But this should never be the case. Dogs and cats are social animals that need care and love. Technology can be used as a tool to further your bond with your pet and provide for them when you aren’t home. This way, you can keep your pet engaged, active, and well-fed.

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