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Training is an important part of the bonding process for dog owners and their pets. Training your dog to be obedient can improve your dog’s life as well as your own. Finding the right dog training tools can make dog obedience and good dog behavior a snap.

Training your dog can be easier than expected with the right dog training tools and lots of training treats. Reward your puppy with positive reinforcement and a bottomless treat pouch. Check out these dog training tools that dog owners swear by and learn how to teach your dog a few new tricks.

The Power Of Positive Reinforcement: Training Treats Are Great Dog Training Tools

Variety of dog treatsThere are many ways to encourage good dog behavior. Some puppy parents like to play a good game of fetch. Other dog parents prefer to reward dog obedience with a belly scratch. However, the American Kennel Club believes that the most effective and convenient way to teach your dog how to behave may be with dog treats.

Here are some tips for using training treats as an effective dog training tool:

  • Use soft, smelly, and small dog treats.
  • Enforce a high rate of reinforcement by giving your puppy a reward quickly and frequently.
  • Use a treat pouch or keep nonperishable dog treats in your pocket for easy access.
  • Have a few long-lasting treats handy to encourage patience and calm behavior.
  • Try a variety of dog treats to keep your puppy engaged and interested in training.1

Using dog treats as a reward system is an effective way to train your dog. However, this technique is not as simple as following your puppy around and throwing him a never-ending stream of training treats.

You will need to learn to not overfeed your puppy so as to not pack on too many pounds. Ideally, you will want to slowly phase out the use of food and training treats when your pet begins to master the lessons you are teaching him. But until that day comes, choosing the right training treat is a very important part of the process.2

What Are The Different Types Of Training Treats?

There are several varieties and styles of dog treats to use while training your dog. You may develop a favorite to use while training your puppy. However, it may be a good idea to use a mix of different dog treats during dog obedience lessons.

Always consult with your dog’s veterinarian when deciding what type of dog treats to use while training your dog. If you are unsure about what to feed your puppy, consult with the vet. It is never a good idea to feed a dog certain human foods, including chocolate, grapes, onions, and other foods.3

Potty Training: Tips On Choosing A Training Collar, A Training
Leash, Dog Kennels, And Crates

Small furry dog urinating outsideCall it potty training, toilet training, housebreaking or something else… Teaching your puppy to head outdoors when nature calls is usually one of the first things you will want to do for your pet. While this habit may take a few messy learning steps early on, successfully potty training your pup is a major step in dog obedience training. Luckily, there are several dog training tools that can help make the potty training stage smooth and stress-free.

A Crate May Be The Answer To Your Potty Training Prayers

Crate training is a proven way to get some dogs house trained quickly. Dogs are instinctively den-dwelling creatures, and a small crate can act as a secure safe haven for your pup. Choosing a crate that is the proper size for your pup is key. As long as your puppy has room to stand up, turn around, and lie down but not room for much else, he will most likely not want to use the bathroom in his crate.

A Leash And Collar Are Part Of The Process, Too

A leash and collar are important dog training tools for potty training. You will want to guide your pup to the designated potty zone, and a leash will help you get him there safely and efficiently. You may want to have an easy-to-put-on snap collar for times when your puppy needs to go outside in a hurry.

Dog Gates Will Help Keep Your Pup In Designated Areas

Keeping your puppy out of certain areas of your home is a good idea when he is learning to become housebroken. Dog gates will also help you keep an eye on your pet so as to keep him out of trouble, in addition to keeping your priceless rug unsoiled.

Accidents Happen, So Have Some Cleanup Supplies Ready For Unplanned Messes

Puppies are young and can make messes by mistake. Even a good dog can have an unexpected accident. It is a good idea to keep a supply of rags, paper towels, stain remover, and dog waste bags handy. You will be able to clean up in a hurry while catching your pet in the act for proper teaching methods.4

Are Doggie Pee Pads A Good Idea?

The debate over using pee pads as effective dog training tools is a popular one. Some trainers feel that using pee pads in certain settings, such as an urban apartment building, is acceptable.5  However, other dog training professionals feel strongly that pee pads are never a good idea, as they teach pets to potty indoors.6

Leash Obedience Training: Should You Use A Martingale Collar, A Leather Leash, Or A Dog Harness?

Dog with harness and leashYou don’t have to put your puppy through dog agility training to make it obedient and a good loose leash walker. There are several dog training tools available to help teach your dog obedience lessons while on a leash.

Invest In A Proper Leash

A proper leash is a wise investment that can keep your dog safe and well trained. Length is important, as is function. A retractable leash is hard to keep untangled and can be dangerous for your dog’s body or a puppy who is learning to leash walk.7

A leather leash may be attractive but can be tempting for a puppy to chew on. They are also expensive and tough to clean, so you may want to stick to a nylon leash or a leash made from similar material.8

The Right Collar And Dog Harness Are Also Important Choices

You will want to choose a collar that fits well and has the proper function for your pet’s needs. There are several types of dog harnesses and dog collars to choose from. A martingale collar can tighten with tension but is a safe collar for training. Certain choker collars are not a good idea for most breeds and dog types. A dog harness can help control your pet while loose leash walking without putting pressure on sensitive areas.9 If you’re not sure, ask your vet for recommendations on which type of collar or harness is best for your pup.

The Dog Training Tools Takeaway

There are many different ways to train your puppy that will keep him or her happy and safe.10 With the proper dog training tools, training your dog can be fun and easier than you might expect. Be patient with your pup and make sure to reward them with positive reinforcement and an endless supply of dog treats. Always check with your veterinarian if you encounter any issues or simply want to make sure you are doing the right thing for your furry friend.

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