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Sure, you may already know what outfit you’re wearing on Halloween, but do you have a plan for your pet yet? Don’t leave your furry friend out of the fun. Get inspired by these cat and dog costumes for Halloween.

What To Consider Before Dressing Up Your Pet

Before you decide to dress your pet up to the nines, take a minute to consider their unique personality. Does your dog love to be the center of attention? Perfect. Would your cat be upset if they had to wear something that made it hard to move? Take that into account. Does your puppy chew up everything in sight? Make sure you don’t put them in a position to get into trouble.

Halloween photo shoots are fun, but most cat and dog owners would agree that their pet’s safety and comfort should always come first. So before you #doitforthegram, make sure your costume ideas will be fun for both you and your pet.

Go With Something That Has Soft, Comfortable, And Lightweight Features

Cats and dogs tend to do best with costumes that are soft, comfortable, and lightweight. These features make it more likely that your pet won’t rip the costume off right away. If you put something on their head (like a hat, wig, or headband) that can easily fall off, just know that it’s pretty much going to fall off right away.

A good strategy is to create something comfortable that they can wear – like a sweater, collar, or bandana – that also doubles as a costume.

If you want your pet to wear the outfit all night, have them wear it several times, so they get used to it. If you’re just hoping for one perfect photo, grab a friend who can help give your pet treats, put on the costume, and snap that photo quickly.

Here are some fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

dog costumes for halloween | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Beanie Baby Costume

Do you have a small, fluffy pet that kind of looks like a stuffed animal? This adorable (and super easy) idea may be perfect for you and your pet.

Recreate the Beanie Baby logo by cutting out red and white felt and using a hot glue gun to attach the letters. You may want to find the logo online and print it out first to use it as a template. Attach a ribbon to the bag of the logo and hang it loosely around your pet’s neck.

Your Favorite Superhero

Your pet is probably already the cutest superhero in your eyes. Why not dress them up for the part? Superhero costumes can be as simple as a plain red cape tied loosely around your pet’s neck or attached to their collar.1

If you have a specific superhero in mind, you can use the appropriate colors and add the logo to the cape. You could make a Superman dog costume, for example, by starting with a blue dog shirt. Create the Superman logo out of yellow and red felt. Attach the logo to the chest with a hot glue gun or sewing machine.

Add in your red cape, and you’re good to go.

Star Wars Characters

dog costumes for halloween | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Image care of Colure Caulfield

If you have a small, wiry-haired dog or cat, you pretty much already have an Ewok in the making. Pick up a brown, hooded pet sweater and sew on fuzzy ears. The ears from an old teddy bear would work well for this. Tada, instant Ewok dog costume.

Another great Star Wars costume for pets is Yoda. If you’re crafty, you can pick up a green fleece beanie or bonnet, sew on Yoda ears, and attach ties to keep it on your pet’s head.2 You can also have your pet wear a tan pet sweater, cut it down the middle so it looks like a robe, and add a brown tie around the waist.

If you don’t want to go the DIY route, you’re in luck. Star Wars pet costumes are available all over the internet. Pick up a pre-made Ewok, Yoda, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, or Luke Skywalker outfit. Don’t forget your matching costume.

Hot Dog

Hot dog costumes are great for small dog breeds that have short legs. It’s an especially fun costume for Dachshunds (weiner dogs… get it?). And great news – it’s pretty easy to turn man’s best friend into man’s favorite ballpark snack.

For an easy DIY hot dog costume, pick up a reddish-brown dog shirt and sew (or hot glue gun) two tan oval-shaped buns made of felt on both sides. Glue or sew on felt sesame seeds to both buns. Still using felt, add a swiggle of red and yellow ketchup and mustard to the back of the shirt.3

If you’d rather go the store-bought route, you’re in luck. The pet hot dog costume is a popular one, and there are a ton of options out there. Just consult a size chart to find a good fit, and pick up the perfect costume for your canine or cat.

dog costumes for halloween | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Image care of David Kessler

Unicorn Costume

For this whimsical costume, pick up a white pet hoodie, and sew on ears, a colorful horn, and a mane. If you want it to be extra girly, add a tulle tutu for your pet to wear.4

Fairy Tale Characters

Fairy tale outfits make great Halloween costumes because there are so many animal characters you can riff off of. If you have two dogs, you could try something like the Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, or Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Try to make these on your own, or pick them up at a store.

Pirate Dog Or Cat

dog costumes for halloween | Ultimate Pet NutritionArrrgh: What about a pirate costume for your little matey? There are a ton of different ways you can pull this off. You could try to pick up an eye patch and a pirate hat, but, well… good luck keeping that on.

Another option is to find a red or blue and white striped shirt made for pets. Layer on a black vest that has a skull and crossbone on it. You could also pick up a black bandana that features a skull pattern and tie that around your pet’s neck. For added flair, pick up some gold pirate bling and tie it to the bandana.5 Other optional add-ons or props for a photo: a buckle belt, a sack of gold, a plastic sword or a hook.

Cowboy Or Cowgirl

If your pet will let you put a hat on their head, give this one a try. Start with a cowboy hat – add ties to secure it under your pet’s chin if possible. Tie a classic red cotton bandana around their neck, and you’re good to go.

If you want to add a little more flair, you could pick up a small fringed vest at a thrift store. Either denim or lightweight suede would look great.

Other Ideas For Pet Costumes

dog costumes for halloween | Ultimate Pet NutritionStill looking for the perfect adorable dog or cat costume? Here are a few other ideas that may spark something for you:

  • Characters from your favorite movies, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, or Ghostbusters.
  • Your favorite classic Disney character, like Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck.
  • Another animal, like a bumblebee, bunny, shark, or octopus.
  • A bride and groom, if you have two pets.
  • A classic Halloween costume, like a ghost, witch, or pumpkin.
  • A distinct occupation, like a chef, police officer, or wrestler.
  • A piece of food, like sushi, a cupcake, or a Tootsie roll.

Whatever you choose, enjoy a great Halloween with your four-legged friend.

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