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Teepees aren’t just great fun for kids, your dog and cat will adore them as “hideouts” for both sleep and play. Read on to learn how to make your own DIY dog or cat teepee.

Designing A Stylish DIY Cat Teepee: Make Your Own Dog Cat Homes To Match Your Decor

Pet teepees or pet tents can be an uber stylish addition to your home while serving the grand purpose of making your pet happy. Match them to your own decor and tastes. Choose a fabric that, unlike many pet products, actually matches your room. You can even make them in the exact same fabric as your curtains or cushions.

And, making your own pet enclosures is far less expensive than buying something at the store.
Teepees can also be a perfect way to:

  • Disguise a litter box
  • Provide shade for your pet when they’re outside in the yard
  • Neatly cover up dog toys or cat scratchers

Why Do Dogs And Cats Love Teepees And Tents? Den Space For Sleep And Play

cat teepee | Ultimate Pet NutritionYour cat or dog often craves privacy or that feeling of a “safe space” just like people. Cats, in particular, sometimes like to hide to alleviate stress.1 A pet teepee or tent is a great way to provide a private spot without them feeling locked away.

Dogs and cats love teepees because they can relax, nap, watch the world go by, have a little scratching session, or just some natural “den-time.”

A pet teepee or tent is also a fantastic idea as a cat bed or dog bed.

Fabric tents breathe easily, are always open, and your pet can come and go freely. They’re also very comfy, and you can always add extra cushions to make your pet’s teepee plusher.

Of course, not all cats and dogs will love a teepee. Some animals don’t enjoy being enclosed in small places. Or if your pet is high-energy and loves to tug on fabrics, a teepee might not be the greatest idea.

Teepees aren’t just for small-sized dogs. They can also be fun for large dogs as long as they’re the type that love to lie around and relax. It may be hard to buy a ready-made teepee for a large dog, but you can easily make one.

Note: Ideally, a teepee should be small enough to be cozy but large enough that your pet can comfortably turn around in.

Items To Use: Wood Poles/Sticks, Cardboard, Cushions, And More

A dog or cat teepee, just like a traditional teepee, is usually made using 4 long sticks (or dowels) that converge in the middle and keep the fabric up. These dowels can be made of wood or plastic.

The fabric or canvas you choose should be non-flammable. You’ll also want it to be both durable and washable. Ideally, you might want to choose a fur repellent fabric, such as microfiber or a silk blend.

You’ll want to use some pegs, velcro, buttons, or ties so that you can keep the front curtains open and up when required.

A floor covering is important for cleanliness. It will help keep dog hair, food, or any other debris in one place. You can use some cardboard, a towel, or a piece of matching fabric.

Finally, removable large cushion pads bring the comfort factor.


cat teepee | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Easy Design: Step By Step Instructions To Make Your Own Cute DIY Pet Teepee

So, it’s time to get crafty and make your first pet teepee. This is your basic instruction guide, but you can beautify your teepee with ribbons, pom-poms, or any other craft supplies. This basic pattern will fit a small dog or cat, and involves only a small bit of sewing.

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 yards of canvas or fabric of choice (non-flammable)
  • Four ⅜-inch dowels (wood or plastic) cut 37 inches tall
  • Rope, string, or twine


  1. From your fabric, you’re going to make four triangles. To do this, take a fabric marker and draw a line that’s 25-inches long. Find the halfway point, then go up 30.5-inches and mark the fabric. Connect this point to the two ends of the straight line to form a triangle. Cut out this triangle, and repeat until you have four triangles.
  2. To keep the seams looking neat and professional, overlock the edges or fold the seams over and sew. Make a mark about 26-inches from the base of each triangle, and then fold and sew the top point down. You’ll then want to fold up the bottom edge of the triangle and sew to form a clean seam.
  3. Now, line up the edges of your first two triangles with the “good” fabric side facing inwards. Pin them together. Open up the triangle, then pin the next edge with your third triangle. Repeat this until every side is pinned together. Sew up each pinned edge.
  4. Decide which panel will be the front of your tent, and cut a “door” opening in that panel. Be careful to only cut through one layer of fabric. Take the slit about 18-inches up from the base. Fold these two new edges over, pin, and sew to keep them looking neat and to prevent fraying.
  5. cat teepee | Ultimate Pet NutritionNext, gather your tent dowels.
  6. To tie them together, take your string or twine and cut a long strand. Start by tying the string around the first dowel with a simple knot. Next, bring in the second pole and wrap the string around the two poles multiple times.
  7. Gently pull apart the poles to a wider distance. Wrap the string vertically between the poles. Make sure you’re pulling tightly. You want this strong enough that you can’t bend the poles back together. Knot off the rope and cut.
  8. Repeat this step with the other two poles.
  9. Now, place the two new poles on top of your previous two to form a giant X- shape.
  10. Take a new piece of string and wrap it tightly around all four poles. Knot off the rope, but keep the extra hanging for now.
  11. Grab your fabric cover and slide it over the poles.
  12. Finally, take that extra string that’s hanging and wrap it around the poles horizontally to give it a good, clean finish.

cat teepee | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

A Pet Teepee Makes A Great Gift

A pet teepee can be a great gift for friends, family, and of course, for your own furry friend.

You can buy the supplies mentioned for a fraction of the regular price of a store-bought teepee, while also matching the tent to your own style and tastes. Get creative with fabric choices: add some color with pom-poms, ribbons, or feathers.

Whatever you choose, your best friend will love you for it.

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