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Being a dog parent is one of the most rewarding things you can do. And pet parents all over the world know how special it can be to have your woman’s or man’s best friend by your side. But when your dog’s health seems compromised it can be worrisome. And if your pup starts taking a liking to munch on grass, you may have concerns.

Dogs will eat almost anything — especially when they’re puppies. But there are some special reasons why your dog might be eating grass all of a sudden. It’s likely there’s not one simple answer. Different dogs may dine on grass for different reasons.

But knowing why your dog devours grass might help you address the behavior. Let’s dive deep into discussing your dog’s recent diet of grass and weeds and see how it may be affecting them.

Sometimes, This Behavior Is Simply Boredom Or It Might Even Taste Good To Your Dog

dogs that eat grass | Ultimate Pet NutritionTo a dog, grass can be a tasty treat. Naturally, your dog is a scavenger. In the wild, dogs are built to look for nutritive food wherever they can. Your dog might simply like the taste of grass. Or maybe your pooch is searching for a little more fiber in their diet.1

If your dog is constantly consuming grass, you might want to talk to your vet about high fiber food options.

Or your dog might simply be experiencing boredom. If your dog knows the yard is their domain, then everything in it is theirs too. And if they’ve made their rounds to ensure the yard is safe, they might be done with their “security shift” and turn to eating grass because there’s just not that much more to do in the same yard day in and day out. It might just be a case of puppy boredom.

If your pup is eating grass out of boredom, it could be a sign that your pet needs more exercise. Challenge your dogs by playing fetch with them. Do their grass-eating habits spike when you’re walking them less? Eating grass could be your dog’s way of communicating they need more playtime.



If you don’t have time to take your dog for a long walk or to play games and run around, offer your dog a healthy chew toy to engage them. You might also consider taking them to a doggie daycare where they can socialize with other pups. Or perhaps a few weeks of dog training will engage your pet enough to distract them from eating grass all the time.

When Your Dog Eats Grass And Weeds: Does This Mean They Have An Upset Stomach?

dog not feeling well | Ultimate Pet NutritionWhen your pet is experiencing an upset stomach, they might turn to grass for relief. Dogs might try on their own to remedy a gassy or sick stomach.

One theory is that when a dog ingests grass and weeds, the blades tickle their throat and the lining of their stomach. This tickling might help by inducing vomit.2 In this case, your pet is just trying to be their own vet.

If your dog’s grass-eating is a sudden behavior and your dog seems to need the grass, it’s more likely their trying to feel better. In any event, if grass-eating behavior begins suddenly, it could mean something more serious is at hand.

It’s worth a visit to the veterinarian to make sure your dog isn’t experiencing digestive discomfort.

Your Dog’s Food And Diet Can Affect This Behavior: Try A Change In Your Dog’s Diet


fiber in dogs diet | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

If your dog’s grass-eating behavior continues, try adjusting their diet. In most cases, it’s likely fine that your dog eats a little grass here and there. But if your yard is treated with harmful pesticides or herbicides, you don’t want them to eat grass under any circumstance.

Again, you might want to consider a high-fiber diet for your dog. But don’t make any decision to change your dog’s diet or meal plan without touching base with your veterinarian first. They will be able to suggest the proper food products for your pet and their unique needs.

A Special Treat For Your Special Pet

In the end, you want your dog to be healthy, happy, and always comfortable. Just keep an eye on your pet while they play in the yard and visit your vet if you have any concerns. They may find that your pet just loves a grassy delicacy from time to time.

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