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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Reviews

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our cat and dog products the best and to serve you better. The Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews below are from actual customers.

5 out of 5

Bill Vincoli

Jan 21 2021  

Nutri Thrive

“My 15+ year old Boston Terrier Dottie is strutting like a puppy. Excellent energy and stamina. Thank you for this fantastic product.”

5 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  


“Been giving it to our 7 year old Scotty and 8 year old minpin-daschund mix. Both are bouncing around again like they were when they were young. And it slowed down their eating because neither wants to miss any of it in their bowls.”

4 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  

It does help!

“Nutri Thrive is working on my 8 year old German Shepherd! Not as quick as I thought but it is helping! She has more energy and is running more than she did before!”

5 out of 5

Bruce Mrozek

Jan 19 2021  

Really great product

“Ive been giving Nutri Thrive to my 11 yr old pomeraniun for about a year now. She had gotten listless and non playful. Within a month She runs around and plays almost like a pup again. I was skeptical at first but its definitely worth the price.”

5 out of 5


Jan 19 2021  

Excellent product

“Give it to my 2 dogs one 9 year old Lhaso Apso x maltese, and my 2 1/2 year old Aussie Shepherd. My Lhaso Apso is much more playful and more agile than he has been with arthritis, my aussie shepherd is starting to play with toys, both are extremely happy dogs. This product will extend your dogs life, seems to give them plenty of energy, perfect stools, good breath etc. Glad I took the chance and purchased it.”

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