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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Reviews

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our cat and dog products the best and to serve you better. The Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews below are from actual customers.

5 out of 5

Bruce Mrozek

Jan 19 2021  

Really great product

“Ive been giving Nutri Thrive to my 11 yr old pomeraniun for about a year now. She had gotten listless and non playful. Within a month She runs around and plays almost like a pup again. I was skeptical at first but its definitely worth the price.”

5 out of 5


Jan 19 2021  

Excellent product

“Give it to my 2 dogs one 9 year old Lhaso Apso x maltese, and my 2 1/2 year old Aussie Shepherd. My Lhaso Apso is much more playful and more agile than he has been with arthritis, my aussie shepherd is starting to play with toys, both are extremely happy dogs. This product will extend your dogs life, seems to give them plenty of energy, perfect stools, good breath etc. Glad I took the chance and purchased it.”

4 out of 5


Jan 18 2021  

Good Results

“Our nearly 13 year old Bichon has been taking Nutra Thrive for almost a month. For several months he has limped on his left rear leg after even a short walk. Now he seems to have more energy and we haven't noticed any limp. Good results!”

5 out of 5

Rebecca Herrle

Jan 16 2021  

Sophie, the little dynamo

“I adopted Sophie a year ago from a kill shelter. her owners moved and left her to fend for herself. Having no idea how long she was on her own, I thought a supplement, even at a young age 6, would be beneficial. I can see a difference. She jumps higher and leaps farther. She is also more engaged and attentive. Thank you!”

5 out of 5


Jan 15 2021  

Nutri-Thrive Powder (Food Enhancer)

“(9 y.o. shih-tzu) Within the first week of using this product, I've noticed my dog gained his energy back, his appetite has returned and he's getting much better sleep now. On top of that I find that he's less itchy as well! This really is the magic stuff!”

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5 out of 5

Gail Bowden

Aug 27 2019  

Everyone's favorite 🐶🐩🐱

“Most popular treat in the house! Even our cat loves it! When I pull out a bag of Nutra Bites, each of them takes notice and pushes in front of each other to be 1st in line for a treat!”

5 out of 5

Deborah Hendrix

Aug 26 2019  


“My cairn terrier loves his treats. We are on our last bag and ready to order more.”

5 out of 5


Aug 20 2019  

Very tasty, dog approved

“My dog loves them and I feel good knowing she's receiving a healthy snack!”

5 out of 5

Dennis Fisk

Aug 20 2019  

Amber loves this treat

“She starts a doggie type conversation with me to let me know she really wants a treat. Then, as I'm opening the bag, she literally licks her lips in anticipation.”

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5 out of 5

Cooper’s Mom

Sep 3 2020  

Awesome product!

“I have a 100 lb 13 year old Bouvier de Flanders. Within 5 days of giving him the supplement, we noticed he was getting up and down much easier, after 10 days he has that Bouvier bounce back, I can’t keep up with him-he’s like a puppy again. Hard to believe he is 13-everyone is noticing the difference.”

5 out of 5

Sandra Swire

Jun 15 2020  

I am eager to use the Juve Flex.

“I feel totally confident in ordering the Juve Flex after using the Nutri Thrive for 9 months and seeing the astonishing results of the product.Everything promised and then some is what this product does.”

5 out of 5


Jun 13 2020  

Juve Flex miracle

“We have 2 older Doberman "girls" . We adopted them in 2003 after they were rescued from puppy mills. As with our previous sets, we gave our "girls" love and care as well as proper medical attention. With Juve Flex, now provided to them for several months, our "girls" act like puppies. The love long walks as well as running & playing in the back yard. Thank you Dr. Richter!”

4 out of 5


Apr 24 2020  

Works well

“We have an older Staffordshire terrier mix that has had trouble walking, she would just sit and look at we when we called her. We started giving her Juve Flex and now she will run and play, she really gets excited, like we haven’t seen in quite some time. She does still get a little stiff if she sits to long but the improvement is really remarkable. Along with Nutra thrive both our dog seem a lot more active”

5 out of 5


Mar 18 2020  

Pleased with results

“I have a 10 yr. old Shepherd mix that I just obtained within the last 6 months. We have three steps he would need to jump down to go out the back door. When we first got him he had no problem with the steps but within a couple months he did and before hearing about Juve Flex he really started to hesitate and not want to jump down those steps. He's been a the supplement for a couple months now, I notice him more active and he no longer hesitates to jump down those three steps.”

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