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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Reviews

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our cat and dog products the best and to serve you better. The Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews below are from actual customers.

5 out of 5

Chris Norman

Jan 22 2021  

Excellent Product

“We have two dogs, a 10-year old miniature, short-haired female dachshund and a 5-year old short-haired male dachshund. We have been feeding them Sojos, 2 complete and balanced diets, one with freeze-dried nutrient-rich turkey, and one with freeze-dried nutrient-rich beef, both with a blend of air-dried fruits and vegetables. They are both grain-free and gluten-free. There is no soy, fillers, artificial colors or flavors, or preservative. Nutri Thrive really added a lot to their diet. They get very excited when I mix the Nutri Thrive with the Sojos. I also have noticed that their digestion is better and their bowel movements are better, and their coats are smoother and shinier. They also play more and run faster. We are glad to have added Nutri Thrive to their diet.”

5 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  

Great product

“I absolutely love this supplement. My dog loves her food with this sprinkled on top. She licks her bowl until every morsel is gone. He bowel movements have been better also. Thank you”

5 out of 5

Bill Vincoli

Jan 21 2021  

Nutri Thrive

“My 15+ year old Boston Terrier Dottie is strutting like a puppy. Excellent energy and stamina. Thank you for this fantastic product.”

5 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  


“Been giving it to our 7 year old Scotty and 8 year old minpin-daschund mix. Both are bouncing around again like they were when they were young. And it slowed down their eating because neither wants to miss any of it in their bowls.”

4 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  

It does help!

“Nutri Thrive is working on my 8 year old German Shepherd! Not as quick as I thought but it is helping! She has more energy and is running more than she did before!”

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5 out of 5

P. Gundran

Sep 8 2019  

“At first dog was skeptical of this new treat. Now she loves then!”

5 out of 5


Sep 6 2019  

My dogs love them

“My dogs love the bison liver treats! I’m happy that they love them so much.”

5 out of 5

Sharon Voelschow

Aug 30 2019  

Nutra bites


5 out of 5

Cheryl Walker

Aug 30 2019  

Loving my treat

“I never really have a problem getting my baby in her crate before i go to work. But, now don't have to say a word she runs in her crate knowing she going to get her treat.”

5 out of 5

Carol W

Aug 27 2019  

Nutri bites

“Even my old finicky dog loves these, and he doesn’t like anything. My younger dog is not so finicky but at least she’s getting some healthy snacks.”

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5 out of 5

Lab mom

Nov 18 2020  

Happy 3 times over

“I have 3 chocolate labs, ages are 10 yr, 5 yr. and 2 yr. I had noticed the older Lab was sometimes a little stiff after swimming and was reluctant to get up and go. I started with Nutra Thrive and noticed within a short time her energy was returning and more playful. Next step was to give them all Nutra Thrive and added the Juve Flex. The results were incredible, now I have 2 very active and playful Labs again. The puppy is also getting both products but she already has plenty of get up and go. Now how about something for the human parents of these furry fireballs. (just kidding) Thanks,”

5 out of 5


Nov 17 2020  

Juve Flex

“Greta my nine year golden retriever is feeling more frisky these days and her coat is softer and shiney.”

5 out of 5


Oct 23 2020  


“In the few months that Jax hasd been on Juve Flex, he is still the just as active or more, but he is comfortable after any exerted activity. No hobbling or appearance of feeling sore.”

5 out of 5


Oct 23 2020  

[email protected]

“My dog showed more movement and less stiffness within a few days. We are so grateful to have something to help her as she was so stiff before taking juve flex. She has regained her desire to play ball!”

5 out of 5


Sep 14 2020  

juve flex

“Have only been using for about 5 days and my girl is already jumping on and off the couch alone better.”

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