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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Reviews

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we pride ourself on reading, taking to heart, and sharing your honest feedback. We’re constantly striving to make our cat and dog products the best and to serve you better. The Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews below are from actual customers.

5 out of 5

Diane Stone

Mar 5 2019  

Couldn’t Believe It!

“My 13 year old cat is chasing a toy on a wand again after totally having lost interest in playing!”

4 out of 5

Rhonda Hall

Mar 5 2019  

“It has been good as far as firming up her loose bowel movements.”

4 out of 5

Donna Earley

Feb 18 2019  

Seems to work!

“I'm almost through my first jar of Nutra Thrive, and it seems to be working. I have 2 cats and their breakfast kibble seems to be staying down and thier coats are showing some improvement! I'm going to try another jar.”

5 out of 5

tammy k

Feb 14 2019  

thank you

“LOVE IT!! All three of my babies are responding so well to this. Looking and feeling great. Just ordered more.”

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5 out of 5

Mark L.

Feb 3 2021  

Love the Nutra Thrive

“Humphrey (5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) has been on the Nutra Thrive for 3 weeks now and loves it ! He loves the taste of it as it tastes like bacon. I put him on Nutra Thrive for his constant upset/sensitive stomach. He has only had one episode of his stomach being upset but it only lasted a couple of hours and went away. Humphrey would give you all 5 star rating !! Thank you for all you do !”

5 out of 5


Feb 2 2021  

Very Happy

“I wasn't sure about ordering Nutri Thrive, but thought that since it had a guarantee, I should for it. We have a 95 lb greyhound who sheds excessively and has been lame in his rear. We have been adding Nutri Thrive for just about a month and he has turned around completely. He doesn't shed and has been able to resume our 2.5 mile daily walks. I have never had these results with anything else.”

5 out of 5


Feb 2 2021  


“Our 11 year rescue Cocker and Komondor mix did not hesitate to gobble his food with the supplement on top of it. He is licking his paw less and his stools are much more consistent. Time will tell about his breath but seems a bit better. Just received the dry food and he loves that as well. Boomer has never shed so can’t speak to that issue. So far we are very pleased with your products.”

4 out of 5


Feb 2 2021  


“Started Mom and Pup. Mom much more playful than she was. Both coats are shiny and soft. Both pups are under 2 yes old. I can't believe the change in mom pup!”

5 out of 5


Feb 1 2021  


“Our 9 year old English Bulldog became a puppy again one year ago and has been on Nutra-Thrive for the past year.Also, gave a bottle to each of my granddogs so they could enjoy the change also. About to order again when the price for 6 is on sale.”

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5 out of 5


Dec 30 2019  

Treat rating

“These treats are great! Sophie loves them. I like that they are healthy for her”

5 out of 5


Dec 19 2019  


“Both my younger dog & older dog both love these treats. I feel much better giving them something that is healthier then some of the other products I’ve tried.”

5 out of 5

Brenda Ciribassi

Oct 1 2019  

Best Treat Ever!!!!!

“When I ask my girls if they want their Special Treats...aka Nutra Bites.....they are dancing around, wagging their tails and rushing me to get the bag. Once I get the bag, they are so eager to follow me to the living room. I have them do some tricks for them. They do not hesitate. They both grab them and chew them so fast, they are ready to have another and another. My Shih Tzu is completely ecstatic to have more. Great Product!!!”

5 out of 5

Walter De BELL

Sep 27 2019  

Blue & Scout give Nutra Bites 5 Paws out of 5!

“First lets start with Nutra Thrive. When I received my first shipment both Blue & Scout were lying in the living room. I opened the box at the dining room table not concerned but when I opened the jar they must have gotten a wiff of your product in the air and were right at my feet. I explained they had to wait until morning and breakfast. As for the Nutra Bites they love them! I hide a single piece in their food dish under their food at breakfast and dinner time. They also get one after they come in from doing their business outside. Which they do not let me forget as they sit waiting staring at the cabinet until Dad (or Mom) remembers. When I try to sneak them one they hear the bag open and come running to the kitchen.”

5 out of 5

D Bridgman

Sep 26 2019  

Dogs love them!

“I have a senior dog with lots of health issues, and a 7 month old puppy. Both dogs benefit from these healthy treats!”

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5 out of 5


Dec 4 2020  

Jeve Flex

“Duke, our 8 yr old lab, was feeling his aches and pains last year. Once he started on Juve Flex he has more energy, agility and stamina in the field whether hunting pheasants, chasing squirrels or playing with the new lab puppy. We could not be happier that our boy is doing so much better. Thanks Dr. Richter.”

5 out of 5

Maiya, Bozley and Max

Dec 4 2020  

Juve Flex

“What a difference Juve Flex has made for our dogs especially the okfer dog Max . He runs alot more now and plays more with the two younger ones‼️ At first I was sceptical of the claim of what Juve Flex would do but now I see the results and I whole heartedly would recommend to all my family and friends that have dogs‼️”

5 out of 5


Dec 4 2020  

Quality of product

“Since I have been giving Juva Flex to my 10 year old dog she is able to get up and down much better. She also plays with my 3year old mix much more than before”

5 out of 5


Dec 3 2020  

Juvenile Flex

“My Labradoodle is going on 9 yrs old, and started showing signs of old age. Getting a little sister (puppy) we thought might liven him up, but it wasn’t until after a few weeks on Juve Flex did he start running around and acting like his old self. I can’t say 100% it was this product, but it would be awfully coincidental if it wasn’t. So thank you for bringing the youth back to my “old man”!”

5 out of 5


Nov 26 2020  

Juvenile Flex

“I have been using Juve Flex for my elderly collie for six months or so. He is so much better. There’s a bounce in his step. He is able to trot out to the kennel in the morning and even play with the puppy and his sister who is also moving better. I am very pleased with the product and can recommend it to other pet parents.”

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