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Nutra Bites

Supports healthy weight and digestion

Nutra Bites

Supports healthy weight and digestion

These bite-size treats are made with one single, nutritious ingredient: Chicken liver. This top-grade protein is low in calories and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. These tasty treats can help your cat maintain a healthy weight, support digestion and boost overall health. That way, you can treat your cat worry-free.

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The secret is simplicity.

You won’t find any fillers, by-products, preservatives or additives in Nutra Bites. We keep it simple and healthy with 100% freeze-dried chicken liver, so your cat only gets the good stuff.

Our Promise to You

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we’re proud to formulate some of the most advanced pet supplements on the market — which is why every purchase is backed by our 90-Day Refund Promise.

If you don’t see a noticeable improvements in your pet’s health and happiness, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days — and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Nutra Bites different from other cat treats?

Some commercial cat treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients (like wheat flour and corn syrup), low-quality protein sources (like meat by-products), or fillers (like corn and rice).

Nutra Bites makes sure to keep all those things out — because there’s simply no need for them. Not only is top-grade, nutrient-rich chicken liver the main ingredient, it’s the only ingredient.

How can Nutra Bites help my cat?

Nutra Bites are low in calories compared to many other cat treats, so they can help your cat maintain a healthy weight. They can also spare your cat of potentially-harmful additives and fillers.

Chicken liver is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, copper, taurine, phosphorus, zinc, and essential fatty acids to support your cat’s digestion and overall health.

Does my cat need Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are an incredible tool for positive reinforcement, rewards, or simply treating your cat. Cats of all shapes, sizes, and ages can benefit from this low-calorie, nutrient-dense treat.

These treats can also support healthy digestion — so if your cat has ever had digestive issues, these treats could be especially beneficial for them.

How pure are Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are made with one ingredient: Quality chicken liver. To ensure their purity, all of our products go through rigorous testing for quality and potency at an independent, 3rd-party facility.

What if my cat doesn’t like Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are made with 100% freeze-dried chicken liver, which your cat will go crazy for. But if for any reason you (and your cat) aren’t completely thrilled with Nutra Bites, simply contact our customer service team within 90 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your purchase price — no hassle, no stress.

Is chicken liver better than beef liver?

Chicken liver has generally higher nutrient content than beef liver. It’s also leaner and much lower in calories. Therefore, it can be effective for helping your pet stay slim and trim.

What kind of nutrients are in chicken liver?

Vitamin A to support your cat’s vision, bone growth and reproductive system1

Iron to support cellular health2

B vitamins to support your cat’s nervous system and digestive health3,4

Zinc to support your cat’s immune system and thyroid function5

Essential fatty acids to support heart and skin health6,7


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5 out of 5


Jun 16 2022  

Buddy loves these!

Pet's Name: Buddy

Pet's Age: 7

“Buddy loves these! However, they are quite large and I have to cut each one in several pieces. It is like she gets several treats at a time!”

5 out of 5

Wendi Mar

Jun 9 2022  

Nutra Bites Chicken Liver

“One of my cats cannot get enough of the liver! She only has 5 teeth, so we grind it up for her. She gobbles it down immediately, and she's a picky eater. Will buy again!”

5 out of 5


May 8 2022  

Chicken liver

“I have one cat that absolutely loves the chicken liver treats!! He can’t get enough of them. He looks forward to eating now!”

5 out of 5


Apr 11 2022  

Nutra Bites

“Our finicky 12-yr-old Bruce-cat has never liked packaged treats of any brand! He fell in love with Chicken Liver Nutra Bites right away. He gets this treat once a day. I crush it and add a little water to moisten. He gets so excited and gobbles it down and then goes to take a nap.”

5 out of 5


Mar 7 2022  

Nutra Bites

“My finicky cat that refuses everything now gobbles her food like she hasn't been fed for a week. This is the best decision I've ever made.”

5 out of 5


Feb 20 2022  

Weird texture, but yummy!!!

“My cats were put off by the texture at first, but after I broke them into smaller pieces, they loved them!”

5 out of 5

Irene Hyde

Feb 1 2022  

Nutri Bites are Yummy in the Tummy

“I crush a piece of the Nutri Bites Treats and then sprinkle and mix in my cats wet food. They LOVE it and practically inhale their food!”

5 out of 5


Jan 10 2022  


“Our 4 kitties love these liver treats. They are excellent quality and get gobbled up right away.”

5 out of 5

Yvonne Boyd

Jan 7 2022  

Freeze dried chicken liver

“Our cats name is "Bear Cat" he is very different, has to many toes. Well when I came in from the post office, Bear was all over me, trying to get into the box. He was in the box before me. So I opened the Chicken Freeze Dried Liver, I could not get a piece out fast enough. It was gone before I new it, so then a couple more pieces and I put it away. I forgot to put the box away, He had all the jars out on the kitchen floor, and one bag of the treats, he opened the bag of treats with only one claw, it looks like he punched the bag first then dragged his claw back towards him. I guess he wasn't finished eating treats. Laughter abounded.”

5 out of 5

Jb B

Dec 8 2021  

Chicken liver and chicken

“Callie, my new shelter cat thinks she has died and gone to kitty treat heaven!”

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