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Ever dream of turning your pet poodle into a cuddly-looking teddy bear? Well, the Pomeranian teddy bear cut is an adorable way to “doll” up your pet. And teddy bear cut poodles are positively precious.

Read on to learn all about giving your dog the “teddy bear” look.

A Teddy Bear Cut For Your Pet: Pomeranians And Poodles

Dogs need haircuts just as much as humans do. Why not also have some creative fun when it comes to grooming your pet? One popular type of dog hair cut is known as the teddy bear cut, and it was originally made famous on a wee Pomeranian.

But Pomeranians shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Teddy bear cut poodles are just as adorable.

What It Looks Like

teddy bear cut poodles | Ultimate Pet NutritionTeddy bear puppy cuts begin with the hair being shaved very close to the skin. After this, the focus is all on the head.

Here, the hair will be trimmed into a perfectly rounded shape that blends seamlessly back into the body – and it looks just like a teddy bear face. The tail is then styled into an equally teddy bear-esque fluffy poof.

Things To Know

As gorgeous as these puppy cuts look, there is a downside. To achieve this look, the hair must be shaved close to the skin.

On a poodle, this short-haired look usually presents no issues. However, on a Pomeranian, it means shaving into the soft, thick undercoat (dog breeds like poodles don’t have an undercoat).

Trimming the undercoat can permanently damage the fur’s texture and thickness. And, the more an undercoat is trimmed over time, the harder it is for that undercoat to grow back. Some of it may never grow back. So, committing to the teddy bear cut is a big deal for a Pomeranian (or any dog that has an undercoat).1

How to Maintain A Teddy Bear Cut On Your Dog’s Tail, Legs, Body, And Head

If you’d like to try out a teddy bear cut, the best idea is to seek out a professional groomer who specializes in this cut. The teddy bear “face” takes a lot of blending and is hard to achieve if you don’t have the right grooming skills.

Also, the blade length required to trim fur this short (a number 7) can be dangerous if not used correctly. Ask your vet about the best dog clippers for poodles if you’d still like to do some upkeep at home.2

Maintaining a Teddy Bear Cut

Once your pup has a teddy bear cut, you’ll want to know how to do some basic upkeep.

Between professional trims, bathe and dry brush your dog. Once your dog is dried and brushed, carefully trim any out-of-place hairs with a sharp scissor. Then fluff up the coat once more with the brush. This will allow the teddy bear trim to last a bit longer and keep your pup’s coat in good shape.

For a teddy bear cut, you should plan on touch-ups every 6-8 weeks.

teddy bear cut poodles | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Styling Your Poodle: Should You Take Your Dog To A Groomer?

Poodles come in three varieties: standard poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle. Of course, there are also poodle mixes that breeders have created, like the “shih poo” (shih tzu and poodle), the “doodle” (originally a poodle and a Labrador) and the “yorkiepoo” (Yorkshire terrier and poodle).

Poodle hair certainly lends itself to unique grooming styles, no matter what type of poodle you have. The world really is your oyster when it comes to unique puppy cuts.

Of course, the best puppy cut is one that’s done by a pro, as there’s no risk that you’ll cut and harm your pup.

Professionals know how to quickly and efficiently groom your poodle into whatever style you desire. They also have efficient ways to keep your dog still while doing so.

Ultimately, many pet owners will find that the teddy bear style is a great replacement for the kennel cut as a cool “summer cut” for small dogs and poodles alike.

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