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Spend $100: Get a FREE Jar of Nutra Thrive for Dogs*

Spend $150: Get a FREE Jar of Nutra Thrive for Dogs and 16 oz Nutra Complete Chicken Dog Food*

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Nutra Bites

Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Salmon Dog Treats

Nutra Bites

Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Salmon Dog Treats

These bite-size treats are made from a single, nutritious ingredient: Wild salmon. This premium-grade protein is freeze-dried raw to help preserve its natural flavor and nutritional value. These convenient, tasty treats are great for training or everyday snacks. With no added ingredients or fillers, these treats can help your dog live a long, happy, healthy life.

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The Secret Is Simplicity

Premium Researched Ingredients

No additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Nutrient-rich Snack

Wild salmon contains protein, omega-3s DHA and EPA, vitamins and minerals.


Great for training, daily treats, or meal toppers.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Promise to You

At Ultimate Pet Nutrition, we’re proud to formulate some of the most advanced pet food, supplements and treats currently on the market — which is why every purchase is backed by our 90-Day Refund Promise.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know. Simply contact our friendly customer service team within 90 days of your purchase to send back the unused portion, or even just the empty bags — and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Nutra Bites different from other dog treats?

Some commercial dog treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients (like wheat flour and corn syrup), low-quality protein sources (like meat by-products), or fillers (like corn and rice).

Nutra Bites makes sure to keep all those things out — because there’s simply no need for them. Not only is top-grade, nutrient-rich wild salmon the main ingredient, it’s the only ingredient.

How can Nutra Bites help my dog?

Nutra Bites are made with a unique freeze-drying process, which naturally preserves every bite without the need for artificial preservatives or additives. This can help spare your dog from potentially harmful additives and fillers.

Plus, our freeze-drying process helps lock in a natural flavor and aroma your dog is sure to love, making Nutra Bites a powerful training tool and an enjoyable treat!

Does my dog need Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are an incredible tool for positive reinforcement, rewards, or simply treating your dog. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages can benefit from a healthy, nutrient-dense treat.

How pure are Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are made with just one ingredient: Quality wild salmon. All of our products go through rigorous testing for quality, purity, and potency at an independent, 3rd-party facility.

What if my dog doesn’t like Nutra Bites?

Nutra Bites are made with 100% freeze-dried wild salmon, which your dog will go crazy for. But if for any reason you (and your dog) aren’t completely thrilled with Nutra Bites, simply contact our customer service team within 90 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your purchase price — no hassle, no stress.

What kind of nutrients are in wild salmon?

Wild Alaskan salmon is rich in nutrients that can help your dog live a healthy, happy life, including muscle-nourishing protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega-3s DHA and EPA.

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5 out of 5

Kim Gillis

Aug 10 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon Nutrabites

Pet's Name: Luna

Pet's Age: 2 1/2

“It took Luna a minute to warm up to the Salmon NutraBites but once she did, she can't get enough of them. She loves them. She sometimes will even beg for us to give them to her. She loves them!!”

5 out of 5

Carol H

May 22 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon Bites

Pet's Name: Della

Pet's Age: 4 yrs

“I mostly use the salmon bites as a training reward. Della loves them! When she does what she’s being trained to do she looks at me, waiting in high expectation, because she knows she getting one of her favorite treats. She gets the salmon bites because they are healthy and nutritious and tastes great!”

5 out of 5

Carol H

May 20 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon Bites are Awesome

Pet's Name: Bella

Pet's Age: 4

“Bella absolutely loves these salmon bites. I mostly use them as a training reward. When she does what I’m training her to do she’s gets so excited when I give them to her. She LOVES them! I’m happy because they are so healthy and good for her.”

5 out of 5

Karen K

May 17 2023  

Verified Reviewer

My Brittany LOVES UPN Salmon Bites!

Pet's Name: Isabelle and Sammi

Pet's Age: Izzy 7, Sammi almost 16

“Izzy, my Brittany Spaniel, waits expectantly for her Salmon Bites treat before I leave for work at 4am. She knows it’s coming—she sits like a good girl but her eyes are lasered onto the Salmon Bite that’s in my hand!”

5 out of 5


May 7 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Bites Salmon

Pet's Name: Amelia

Pet's Age: 9

“These are her favorite treats. If she could she would eat the whole bag at once that’s how much she loves them!”

5 out of 5


May 7 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon Bites

Pet's Name: Stella

Pet's Age: 5 months

“Previously purchased the Bison Bites which Stella loves. She also loves the Salmon bites, maybe not as much as the Bison bites. We have been using both to train Stella and they are a very effective tool for training.”

5 out of 5


May 6 2023  

Verified Reviewer


Pet's Name: Poncho & KC

Pet's Age: 9 & 7

“Originally ordered the variety assortment, but the only ones my furry boys liked were the Salmon Bites! So I returned the assortment and ordered just the Salmon Bites, they were so happy to get them back. Every time I get near the cupboard where they're stored my boys are right there begging for a Salmon Bite. I've used Nutra Thrive for several years now and it's done wonders for my puppies! I've recently started my boys on Beef & Organ Nutra Complete and they absolutely love it. About a half-hour before dinner time they're right there at my side to hurry me along. We just received our order of Pork Nutra Complete, I'm excited to see how much my boys like that! Thank you so much for this healthy, flavorful pet food!”

5 out of 5

Kristina Izutsu

May 5 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Nutra Thrive and Salmon and Bison treats our # 1

Pet's Name: Mushu and Tama

Pet's Age: 6

“Our Mushu has always had a sensitive stomach and we had to be very selective to find the right food for her. Since we added Nutra Thrive though her digestion much better. Of cause, she looooves her raw freeze dried Salmon and Bison treats and people admire her shiny coat and beautiful look.We add the Salmon bites to her daily food but also use them as treat for training, which works extremely well. Our cat Tama also love the salmon bites.”

5 out of 5


May 4 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon Nutrabites

Pet's Name: Marco

Pet's Age: 4 1/2

“Marco loves his salmon treats. I like to hide them around the house as a training aide. It doesn’t take him long to sniff these out.”

5 out of 5


May 4 2023  

Verified Reviewer

Salmon bites

Pet's Name: Nick and Sissy

Pet's Age: both are 12 years old

“Both dogs love the salmon bites. It is their favorite. Sissy has lost 2 pounds since staring on the different nutra bites. She is overweight and should loose a little more. Janet”

*All pets are unique. Your pet’s results can and will vary.

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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Ultimate Pet Nutrition® is proud to sponsor two charitable organizations who help improve the lives of pets and pet parents: Pets for Vets, a non-profit who pairs deserving shelter animals in need with our brave Veterans for a mutually beneficial bond, and International Veterinary Outreach (IVO), who provides veterinary care, training, and education in economically-disadvantaged communities worldwide. Every time you purchase an Ultimate Pet Nutrition® formula, you help us continue to sponsor these two honorable organizations.