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Nutra Thrive For Cats Reviews

Find out why people love Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive for Cats! Below are real customer reviews of Nutra Thrive for Cats. Click on this link to read all Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive for Cats Reviews

5 out of 5

Judy Fornis

Mar 13 2021  

Satisfied customer!

“My cat have never been more happy and healthier! When I first discovered nutra thrive my cat immediately took to it . She never liked new things but she loved the taste of it and l was able to feed her better. Now bubblegum will not eat until I add it to her food. It’s a must for her, not to mention it works wonders on her fur and she’s healthier than she ever been. I am truly happy to have this product.”

5 out of 5


Mar 11 2021  


“My 14 year old cat struggled keeping food down, lost a lot of weight because of, as well as developed loss of appetite. After many food adjustments with only minimal success I ordered this product. Because of his finicky eating habits I was extremely skeptical that he would even eat anything with this sprinkled on it. From the first application he loved it! I have been using it for about a month and he is keeping food down , gaining weight, coat is looking better and has an increased appetite. I will definitely be ordering more!”

5 out of 5


Feb 26 2021  

Awesome product

“My 18 year old cat was feeling very depressed, like see was about to pass. I ordered thinking I can return if no improvement. Within 4 days, there was a tremendous improvement. Happy, playing again, Very Happy with this product, will reorder, Thank you”

5 out of 5


Jan 14 2021  

Nutra Thrive

“My 17 yr old cat was losing weight, looking extremely thin, not eating, and extremely lethargic. I assumed her days were numbered. At that time I also inherited my Mom's 12 yr old cat who ate everything in site and threw it all up. I started mixing Nutra Thrive in their food, 17 yr old starting eating, gained weight looks great, 12 yr old doesn't throw up anymore, and the 2 of them have started playing together. I have been using this product for over a year now and the cats appear healthy and happy and more active than ever. Thank you, Nutra Thrive has is a great product!”

5 out of 5


Jan 14 2021  

My Healthy Cat

“Since my cat is getting freeze dried treats and Nutra Thrive she is a healthy trim no fat energetic cat! She is very happy giving me a lot of l love you winks! I am amazed at the difference, thank you!”

5 out of 5


Jan 14 2021  

Change with my 2 cats

“When I received this email I was very skeptical. I went ahead and read the reviews. I decided to purchase three jars. My big tabby’s hair was always matted and she wasn’t good about keeping herself clean. After one jar started to see difference with the softness of both cats fur. Next stared to see how bright their eyes were. Last their hair smells great. The older one plays more and the younger cats eyes and fur smells as if they have a light scent of perfume. Love this product. Bought another six jars. Each jar last 5 weeks.”

4 out of 5


Jan 14 2021  

21 Year Old Cat

“My 21 year old cat hardly got out of bed and isolated herself in one room of the house. Her coat was mangey and getting matted. After a month of Nutra Thrive, she has considerable more energy, her coat is shinier, she travels to other rooms in the house and is more willing to be held. She frequently threw up her food and that has dramatically reduced in frequency. I would give it 5 stars except for the high price .”

4 out of 5


Jan 1 2021  


“My two cats now both devour their food happily. When I first added Nutrathrive, they both turned up their noses, but we persevered, and the younger cat decided she liked it! Her coat is thicker and glossier and although already highly active, now she never slows down. The older cat, a pure-bred, hates alterations to his food and took longer to accept this addition. Now he is eager for his meals, and is stronger and more active! He was always a big, strong boy, and was slowly losing much of his power when jumping. I see an improvement. His coat is softer, less tangled. So, we have reordered and will continue... BTW, the little cat goes crazy for the Treats!”

5 out of 5


Dec 29 2020  


“He is 13 & was dull and overweight. Was, first I noticed his fur it's shiny & soft best coat he has ever had he plays more he acts half his age he looks so good this is only in 2 weeks. I know it's expensive but it really is worth it licorice will be getting thrive the rest of his life he might out live me. Thank you so much Doc !!! Tremendous product.”

5 out of 5

Michelle D.

Dec 6 2020  

I think it’s working!

“My Sadies fur is becoming more plush and soft, and she’s hardly itching and chewing her tummy fur any more. She is more energetic and playful and just seems happier overall, and it’s not been about two weeks since I began giving it to her. I’m very excited about this product and I’m looking forward to seeing how else my kitty improves. Thank you Dr. Richter for providing this product for us.”

5 out of 5


Nov 14 2020  

Nutra Thrive

“I have 2 felines, Abbey 11 years old and Baxter 4 years old. I have tried various supplements for them. One or the other will invariably dislike it and refuse to eat with the added supplement. Fortunately, Abbey and Baxter both love Nutra Thrive. Baxter especially used to be a very finicky eater & rarely ate wet food. Now Baxter meows to eat more and cleans his dish.”

5 out of 5


Nov 11 2020  

Noticing a Difference

“My cat is 15 years old, and I was starting to notice her aging, and slowing down. She seemed like she was becoming more frail, definitely weaker, and her fur was not as fluffy as it used to be. It really made me sad and I just chalked it up to old age. That's when I stumbled across the advertisement video for Nutra Thrive, and was convinced to try it, especially considering the money-back guarantee. I started giving her one scoop per day, just sprinkling it on her dry food. She ate it with no hesitation, and even seemed to eat a little more. At around a month, I realized that she had definitely gained a little weight and become much sturdier. Most recently I've noticed that her fur is SO soft! Softer than ever! She is on her 2nd jar, and considering these improvements over such a short period of time, I will continue giving this to her for the rest of her life.”

5 out of 5

julie dorrell

Oct 17 2020  


“Addition to Review.. The Reason for high protein and All is my "Tiger", is a Main Coon and until now nothing seemed to fill him and as Active as he is ALL day climbing and jumping in trees 'n fun stuff. I couldn't increase weight by a pound or 2. With seasons it always comes on but he runs off. My baby black 22 yr.old is showing more kitten than normal. So it's working beautifully.!!!🐾💜”

5 out of 5


Oct 13 2020  

great product

“I rescued a kitty a couple of months ago. I ordered nutra thrive and I have noticed much improvement in her coat and energy. The main thing I have noticed less waste in the litter box! I put it on her dry food she never has a problem at with it. I will order again. Wish the price was not so high.”

5 out of 5


Aug 8 2020  

Several of my kitties have improved

“walking better ,looking more alert and seemso much happier in running around and playing”

5 out of 5

A Gordon

Jul 17 2020  

Kitty Approves!!

“Just received my first order of Nutra Thrive for Cats and my cat Amani approves! I opened the container to let him sniff and he immediately started to lick the protective covering lol!! I was able to capture a picture, I wish I could share it! 😸 Amani has issues with vomiting so I am hoping this helps him with the issue.”

5 out of 5


Feb 28 2020  

wow and WOW!!!

“i have a female half maine coon 10 years old, a 2.5 year old male purebred maine coon and a soon-to-be 1 year old male maine coon. my female has always had beautiful fur and she has never had a problem with matting but she has always had a problem with furballs. she constantly groomed herself and thus, a bellyful of fur. riley would generally cough up a huge furball every 1-2 weeks, sometimes more often especially during shedding season. i've been using the nutri thrive in all 3 evening meals and i don't think riley has had a furball episode since before she was eating the nutri thrive. she is also grooming herself less since eating the nutri thrive in her evening meal. my 1 year old maine coon aspen jefferson is a very healthy and active kitten, so i've not noticed too much difference in him except that his already soft and thick fur is even softer and thicker. i'm noticing the most difference in my 2.5 year old maine coon, aslan clinton. his fur looked greasy and would so easily mat but in the last week or so, i am noticing his fur doesn't look greasy, it looks shiney! it's also so much softer and the fur on his tail is no longer lifeless and dull but it is daily getting thicker and fluffier. i can't brag enough on this product!”

5 out of 5


Feb 10 2020  

Happy cat!!

“It’s only been approximately two weeks since I started giving Nutra Thrive to my cat. Cuddles is an older cat and I am very pleased with her change already!!! She’s more active and anxious to see more progress!!!”

5 out of 5


Sep 27 2019  

Amazing results!

“I have 2 cats that were inside/outside cats, then had to become inside only. They were so lethargic. and depressed. Had runny noses and eyes. Completely wrong in every way. Just started the 3 month with this product and my cats are totally back! Happy, playful, cuddly. Their fur is soft and full, and less odor in box. Thank you for returning my happy cats back!”

4 out of 5

Jo Addie

May 21 2019  

Seem to be more energetic and livelier

“I have noticed that my two boys (brother cats age 7) are somewhat livelier and more energetic. They are bounding around sometimes and seem to want to play more. I've been giving them the product for about 5 weeks, not a full scoop a day yet. They like the taste of it.”

5 out of 5


May 17 2019  

Just Great!

“This product has assisted both my cats with better digestion and a healthier lifestyle.”

5 out of 5


Apr 3 2019  

Awesome product!

“I have 3 cats and they all love it! My 12 year old was very skiddish and he seems to have more bravery and spunk now! My little one has allergies but seems a bit healthier. It’s funny to watch them fight over the food in the morning. It mixes well with canned food. There is nothing I can say bad about it . As I said... it’s awesome!”

5 out of 5


Apr 3 2019  

Kittens again

“My cats are 6 years old and they have been getting thrive supplement for about two months. They now chase each other around the house and jump and climb like kittens. They seem much happier and energetic.”

4 out of 5

Kenah Roberts

Apr 2 2019  

Soft, smooth coat!

“What I've noticed is that my cat's coat is softer, like when she was younger--she's 18 years old now. And she seems to be shedding less. She is finicky about flavors, but she had no problem eating this mixed in with her wet food.”

5 out of 5


Apr 2 2019  

Two 11 year old sisters

“Thanks for the emails. Confirmed for me that I was feeding a good diet already. Since I'm frugal, I've been giving very little to my cats and have noticed increased appetite, and increased activity. They seem to love the taste as well. People often remarked that they have always seemed young for their age, so I wasn't sure I would notice a difference. I do. They seem to be going backwards in time.”

4 out of 5

Stuart Grabenstetter

Mar 28 2019  

My cat is certainly more active

“I notice him chasing around more with my younger cat. His breath seems better too. It's been just a couple of months so I'm reserving further judgement. So far so good though!”

5 out of 5

Susanne Head, Kaos is my cat

Mar 27 2019  

Nutra thrive

“He seems to be doing better, he is 17 and not in that good health, but this has helped him be a bit more energetic and is eating better most of the time. I am happy I got it for him.”

5 out of 5


Mar 26 2019  

“Wow, what a difference in only about one week.”

4 out of 5

elayne gritz

Mar 25 2019  

“My Trixie is 18 years young. I have given her nutra thrive every morning and I see a difference in her that makes my heart sing..she is more lively. Her coat seems more silky her eyes clearer. I hope it's not my imagination but I am happy to see her like this.”

5 out of 5

Anne Arnett

Mar 24 2019  

“My cat seems much more alert. Have been giving him the powder twice a day...half a dose each time. Was amazed that he accepted it so readily. Have finished one of the three containers.”

5 out of 5

Leslie Austin Johnson

Mar 24 2019  

Love my kitty!

“Emma really likes this supplement sprinkled on top of her wet food. She’s always been a bit fussy about her food - she’d prefer treats to regular food. But with a sprinkling of your product, she lights up and finishes everything in her bowl! It will take a bit more time to see health benefits.”

5 out of 5


Mar 22 2019  

Great product

“I love science behind easy to use my cats seem to love whatever I mix it in”

4 out of 5

suzanne white

Mar 22 2019  


“I think the product is wonderful are cat is eat more than she was and I think she is getting to get more energy than she had before.”

4 out of 5

H Richard Ishler Jr

Mar 21 2019  

“Fur is much softer”

5 out of 5

Marlena Pace

Mar 20 2019  

Happy Cat

“I had noticed that my Smokey wasn't as active as he usually was so I brought Nutra Thrive hoping it would give him back his groove. Within a week of taking Nutra Thrive my Smokey was back to himself and much more”

4 out of 5

Lisa Molina

Mar 14 2019  


“I use 1 scoop for my two cats. Although I don't use 1 scoop for each, I've noticed that they've become more active and playful like kittens. My cats are almost 15 years old....”

5 out of 5

Diane Stone

Mar 5 2019  

Couldn’t Believe It!

“My 13 year old cat is chasing a toy on a wand again after totally having lost interest in playing!”

4 out of 5

Rhonda Hall

Mar 5 2019  

“It has been good as far as firming up her loose bowel movements.”

4 out of 5

Donna Earley

Feb 18 2019  

Seems to work!

“I'm almost through my first jar of Nutra Thrive, and it seems to be working. I have 2 cats and their breakfast kibble seems to be staying down and thier coats are showing some improvement! I'm going to try another jar.”

5 out of 5

tammy k

Feb 14 2019  

thank you

“LOVE IT!! All three of my babies are responding so well to this. Looking and feeling great. Just ordered more.”

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Nutra Thrive for Cats FAQ

Is Nutra Thrive Feline Supplement Good For Cats?*

Nutra Thrive is a powerful supplement designed to help your pet experience better digestive health and energy levels.

What Type Of Cats Should Use Nutra Thrive?

Nutra Thrive is designed for all feline breeds. However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before starting your cat on any new supplement.

What Vitamins Does A Cat Need?*

Cats need certain vitamins, such as niacin (vitamin B3), in higher amounts than dogs and other animals. In addition, their bodies have a hard time making vitamin A — their bodies don’t have enough of the enzyme needed to convert compounds found in plants and vegetables into the vitamin. As a result, they need foods (or supplements) that already contain vitamin A.1

Is Nutra Thrive for Cats Worth The Price?*

Due to the wide variety of beneficial ingredients in every container, we firmly believe your beloved cat can respond positively to Nutra Thrive. Nutra Thrive also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so you can return the unused portion for a full refund of your purchase price if you’re not completely satisfied.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in our product.

Super Feline Blend – This provides nutrition largely through fish and meat sources, including beef liver, fish oil powder, and chicken collagen.

Probiotic & Enzyme Blend – This blend includes probiotics designed to help support your cat’s digestive system. Enzymes, such as amylase, may also help your cat digest carbohydrates.2

Superfoods Blend – Nutra Thrive contains vital nutrients from healthy foods, such as carrots and mushrooms.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend – You’ll also find several other essential vitamins and nutrients, including taurine, biotin, folate, and more.

How Can I Buy Nutra Thrive Cat Supplement?

You can easily purchase Nutra Thrive for Cats through our website. Every product we offer goes through a great deal of testing through an independent, third-party facility. As a result, you can rest assured you can use Nutra Thrive with complete confidence.

We provide the most advanced pet nutrition products on the market. If you don’t see a pronounced difference in your cat’s energy levels, digestive health, coat and skin, simply get in touch with us. Remember, Ultimate Pet Nutrition offers an unsurpassed 90 day return policy. If you’re not happy, simply return the container, and we’ll provide you with a hassle-free refund.

*All pets are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

1 https://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2018/12/cats-are-not-small-dogs-unique-nutritional-needs-of-cats/
2 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0034528816303332