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Nutra Complete Dog Food Reviews

Find out why people love Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete Dog Food! Below are real customer reviews of Nutra Complete for Dogs. Click on this link to read all Ultimate Pet Nutrition reviews.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete for Dogs Reviews

5 out of 5

Violet Hill

Feb 24 2021  

Excellent products

“My dog love it! This dog food makes my dog act like a puppy again, & she is almost 13 years old. I tried to order more online but they’re out of stock.”

5 out of 5


Feb 24 2021  

We Are Spoiled!

“Our 12 year old mixed breed rescue dog is SO glad that we found this dog food. He lost some excess weight the 1st month and then he had to have teeth removed and this food is so easy to mush up plus he loves it! Once his mouth heals I will probably mix a small amount of kibble back in the mix since this is a little pricey BUT worth it I think.”

5 out of 5


Feb 24 2021  

Delicious Food

“She loves the food and the dog dish is empty very quickly. She is more active and playful than she was when eating her previous food. It was well worth the investment.”

4 out of 5

Pete Bueno

Feb 24 2021  

My dog Blue loves the food

“I finally found a food my dog enjoys he only eats it from my hand but I don't mind as long as he's eating healthy. The only thing is that you run out so fast because the food os so good. Once you get this fixed I'll give you 5 stars in the meantime I'll give 4 1/2 stars...”

5 out of 5


Feb 24 2021  

Our doodle Benny loves Nutra Complete!

“Benjamine loves this good. We tried multiple brands, but he prefers Nutra Complete. He is very sensitive and develops itching if food doesn’t agree with him. Since we switched to this brand, he hasn’t had this problem. I am planning to sign up and never run out NC supplies. It is worth the money in my opinion!”

5 out of 5

Grandma B.

Feb 24 2021  


“Tulip is our 2 year old Morkie who hated eating ANY type of wet or dry dog food. We were so worried about her fussy eating that we supplemented with table scraps (which of course. she loved. )We knew this was a mistake because human food is not healthy for her. We were skeptical about trying Nutra Complete because we have lost a lot of money purchasing foods that she wouldn’t,touch. However Nutra Complete came with a money back guarantee so we ordered a bag. Our jaws dropped as we watched her dive into her food dish and wolf down the food. Within 2 days she started acting like a new pup! Her energy level increased dramatically. I no longer need to supplement her diet with table scraps and I no longer worry about her unhealthy diet. Wahoo!! Now if only I could just get her to stop peeing on the living room carpet I would be set for a perfect life with her!”

5 out of 5

S. L.

Feb 24 2021  

Harley LOVES his new food.

“We use it as a topper, mix all in the bowl with hot water and mix. It's gone in a hurry. No digestive upset and much more regular bowel habits.”

5 out of 5

Robert McAdoo

Feb 24 2021  

Crystal 11 year old Black and Tan Coon Hound Mix

“Crystal absolutely loves this food, I use it as a topping to her regular diet, many times she'll just eat the topping. Her coat is shiny, she has more pep, and in general just seem happier. As a 70 lb dog she is in her twi-light years and seems to be enjoying them, even runs a little bit now. I have to keep my 20 lb Maine Coon mix cat away or he eats it before she can get to it.”

5 out of 5


Feb 20 2021  

Highly recomended

“My 15lb chihuahua got into a routine of only eating people food and no matter how hard I tried to break it she would go a week without eating before I broke down and fed her what she wanted. I tried this dog food after trying many others without success. I was in shock when she ate the dog food the second I put in her dish. She didn't even do that with her normal foods. She loves this dog food. Although it is a little expensive and the bag isn't very big it is 100% worth the expense to me because she likes it so much and eats it so well. I have now subscribed to 3 bags a month. She eats it as is right out of the bag better than mixing with water. She likes the treats too, so I just ordered 3 bags of those for the discounted rate when I ordered the food. I am very thankful for this food as I am sure it is going to improve her health. I am so greatful to this company and this food being available for my girl. You won't regret this purchase!”

5 out of 5

sharon foley

Feb 17 2021  

freeze dried dog food

“my shepherd can't get enough of it. Im trying to order but you're sold out. No surprise.”

5 out of 5

New Puppy Owner

Feb 1 2021  

Maltipoo Puppy Loves This!

“I decided to use this as a topper for my 5 month old Maltipoo's lunch. 11:45 am comes around and he is already waiting by his food/water bowls. I went to order more and they are SOLD OUT so if you can get this great product order it when you can. I hope to place a new order before the bag I have completely runs out. Great product!”

5 out of 5

Brenda H

Jan 26 2021  

Best dog food!

“OMG! I have four dogs ranging from 75lbs down to 15 lbs and they love this food! My largest one is a Goldendoddle and most the time when I try something new it upsets her tummy but not this.. It’s so sad that they are out of this and we are waiting for it to come back! For now I had to order a different one from Chewy! Hopefully it won’t be long and I will order the food again!”

5 out of 5

Diane B

Jan 23 2021  

My dog loves NUTRA COMPLETE!!

“I don't know whats in it but my 8 yr old 14lb miniature poodle loves it he cleans his bowl now. It is pricey but he LOVES it. It is worth the money seeing his happiness 😊 💕”

5 out of 5


Jan 23 2021  

My Havanese Jazzy is absolutely crazy for your freeze dried dog food.

“I have never seen my dog Jazzy (3) so excited about your crazy good dog food. She eats what I give her in less than a minute and always wants more. She will lick her doggie dish over and over again as if she can make more appear. She will even try to get off the plastic container lid to have more. I am so thankful that it is so good for her too. Thank you so much. I want to get more food for her just as soon as possible.”

5 out of 5


Jan 21 2021  

Unbelievable how much Leo loves Nutra Complete

“I came across an ad for Nutra Complete. The story how dogs need natural meat not processed and cooked meat byproducts cause of toxins. I ordered 8 bags. At feeding time Leo absolutely gets so happy he barks and runs in circles. Leo is a 25 of dog. He lets me know when it is time to feed him, 😂 Leo is much more happy. Thank you!”

5 out of 5


Jan 19 2021  

The best

“This is the best. I use it as a topper and LUCY 5 year old Havanese loves it. Hoping it comes back in stock soon. We are out. 🐶😊”

5 out of 5

Happy Dog

Jan 15 2021  

Jax Loves It

“My dog loved this sooo much I caught him with his paws on counter standing and eating out of his bowl before I had a chance to put it down for him, but now he is sad because he is out of this food and doesn't want to eat the other foods he used to get. I want more!”

5 out of 5

Sherry Perez

Jan 1 2021  

Nutra complete

“This is a great food, my over weight lab is losing weight and feel like she has more energy, I’m fixing to start her on nutra thrive, I needed help with her weight and I think I found it.”

5 out of 5


Dec 26 2020  

Wow they love it

“I have 2 dogs. One is very very selective. One is a shepherd. They eat crap kibble and cans. Figured let me try this. My mix breed LOVES it !! He usually hates everything. I'm shook. It's pricey food but .. to use as a topper I will use this when I can afford. Great stuff.”

5 out of 5

Verna Templeton

Dec 23 2020  

Review - 5 stars

“My dogs absolutely love this dog food. I’ve noticed they have an abundance of energy since I purchased it. Now I have run out and I had to cook 93 percent lean burger because they will not eat their healthy dry dog food. I purchased 4 bags to see if they would like it and now they are out of stock and I desperately need some. Also, their coats are shinier and they just seem healthier overall. I’m going to sign up for auto ship and please...if anyone knows where I can get some ASAP please let me know. This food has turned my dachshunds x2 life around.”

5 out of 5

Joy Diamond

Dec 5 2020  

My Dog is perkier!

“My 7 year old dog saved my life. He was slowing down. & I was petrified. After a couple weeks he is jumoping like a p[uppy. I couldn't be more pleased. TY so much!”

5 out of 5

Jo Deane Sherrill

Dec 5 2020  

Best Dog Food Ever!!

“I have two miniature dachshunds that I have been struggling to find a food that they like and will eat. When I fed NutraComplete to them they ate every morsel and wanted more. I couldn’t believe it. That doesn’t happen at my house. I am excited to have found a dog food that provides all the health benefits that NutraComplete provides and that my dogs love!! Thank you!”

5 out of 5

Bill Smith

Dec 4 2020  


“My husband purchased this as a special offer. We have 100 lb German shepherd who as never crazy about any dog food we tried for her. She absolutely loved this dog food and actually whined for it as he was preparing it! Her weight went down and she had WAY more energy. This dog food is top notch!”

5 out of 5

Marguerite Smith

Nov 27 2020  

Freeze dried Dog food

“My Chihuahua mix dog is the pickiest eater ever. I have 5 different dog foods that he has eaten in the past that sit on my counter top collecting dust. When I introduced the Freeze dried food, I was Skeptical. However, he ate every bit of it and begged for more. Usually, he loves trying new dog foods then, in a few days he walks away from his bowl and is done with it. However, this time, He has remained true to the food. I'm thrilled and will donate the other food to a shelter. I would highly recommend this Freeze dried dog food to all my friends. In fact, my sister-in-law has a Siberian husky that is also a picky eater. I sent her the link to your web site. I'm certain she will give the food a try.”

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