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Featured Dog Nutrition Articles

Can I Give My Dog Human Vitamins?

One of the most common questions pet owners have is, “Can I give my dog human vitamins?” After all, our pets are a part of our family and we want them to be as healthy and happy as possible.


Recent Dog Nutrition Articles

Easy Pumpkin Dog Treats And Recipes To Try At Home

Pumpkin dog treats are not only delicious, but they’re also healthy for your beloved companion. There are tons of simple pumpkin recipes out there, and you’ll find that they’re extremely easy to make. If you’d rather show your pup some homemade love, rather than just...

Your Dog’s Diet: Are Dogs Carnivores Or Omnivores?

You might think the answer to the question of, “Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?” would be clear. In a nutshell, carnivores eat only meat, while omnivores eat both plants and meat. Herbivores on the other hand, eat only plants.1 It would be natural to assume a dog...

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? The Answer is Truly Life-Saving

Last Updated May 31st, 2019 Grapes are a great snack for humans – they taste fantastic, and they’re also nutritious. But can dogs eat grapes? The answer to that question is a resounding, “no.” It cannot be stressed enough: you need to keep this type of fruit far, far...

Are Bananas Good for Dogs? (can dogs eat bananas?)

You love Fido, and it’s hard to say no. This is especially true when you’re enjoying a quick snack and your beloved pup starts begging for you to share. If you happen to be eating a banana, you may wonder… are bananas good for dogs? Naturally, you want to give your...

Can I Safely Give Omega-3 Supplements To My Dog?

Omega-3 fatty acids have become quite the buzzword in health and wellness news in recent years – for both humans and their pets. Part of this is because the excessive consumption of heavily processed foods has left canines and their owners starved of essential...