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Recent Cat Articles

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone? Info For Cat Parents

You may be surprised to learn there is very little empirical research to give a firm answer to this important question: How long can you leave a cat alone? Despite a lack of concrete guidelines, cat parents can create a more supportive, safer environment for their...

Are Cats Ticklish? Info For Pet Parents

Your sitting on your couch with your feline bestie curled up beside you, belly up. The temptation is just too much: you reach over and tickle that furry belly. Your cat reacts instantly, either with purring and a few “meows” or a swift swat. What gives? Are cats...

Why Do Cats Hate Water So Much?

Ever wondered why cats hate water so much? Well, there are a lot of reasons. If you’re not used to getting wet, and all of a sudden you find yourself caught in a sudden rainstorm, how would you feel? But the reasons go beyond that. Here’s a look at why most cats...