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Recent Cat Articles

Info For Cat Parents: Why Do Cats Like Small Spaces?

Cats love to squeeze into shoeboxes, small cardboard boxes, or just about anything else they can find. Even if they’re too big to fit comfortably, they’ll make do. So, why do cats like small spaces? As it turns out, there are some pretty interesting reasons behind...

Your Cat’s Facial Expressions: A Guide To Cat Expression

Everyone knows those people who insist on choosing sides: they’re either “dog people” or “cat people.” Ask the dog people about their reasons, and they’ll often tell you that cats just don’t show their feelings the same way dogs do. Cat expressions, they may say, are...

Can Cats Eat Sardines? Essential Info For Cat Parents

Can cats eat sardines? If TV shows you’ve seen growing up are to be believed, fish is a cat’s favorite food and it seems the easiest way to lure a kitty into your care is to open a tin of sardines or can of tuna fish. If you’ve ever watched a stray cat scarf down...