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If you wish your kitten would stay small and adorable forever, then here’s a secret for you: There are lots of tiny cat breeds that do. Many of them might even maintain that kitty flare for hijinks like playing, jumping, and cuddling.

Read below to learn more about some of the smallest cat breeds and their unique personalities.

A Quick Note On Size

Before jumping in paws first, here are a few notes on size that you may want to consider when selecting from all the small cat breeds.

Teacup Cats And Miniature Cats

adorable scottish fold cat with blanket lying in bed at homeThese are small versions of large cat breeds. Generally, cat owners will breed the runts or smallest cats from a variety of litters to perpetuate the tiny characteristics. 1 Common types of teacup and miniature cats are:

  • Persian Cat
  • Sphynx Cat
  • Savannah Cats
  • Scottish Fold Cats

Dwarf Cats

This cat looks like any other big or medium-size domestic cat, except for their legs. Instead of having long feline limbs, they have tiny, short legs.

Munchkin Cats are the base breed for any hybrid dwarf cats. They are commonly combined with Burmese Cats, Sphynx, and American Curls to make different breeds of dwarf cats. 2

Tiny Cats And Small Cats

These are specific breeds of cats that are naturally tiny and small. They aren’t miniaturized versions of bigger cat breeds. You can expect them to almost always be tiny or small.

Tiny And Dwarf Cat Breeds, Big Appeal

These feline breeds all have their small size in common. But, they all have their very own distinct qualities and characteristics. Check them out below to determine which tiny fuzzball might make a good addition to your house.

Closeup Singapura Cat Profile view on purple backgroundThe Singapura – The Tiniest Of Them All

The Singapura cat is the smallest breed of cat you can find that’s not a kitten or teacup cat. Females average in at 4 to 6 pounds and males just a little bigger. Singapuras also have distinct, saucer-sized eyes and large ears that truly heighten their kitty essence.

For such a small cat, they sure have large quantities of love to share with the whole family. Their personalities thrive on attention and lots of play.3

The Munchkin Cat – From Head To Paw Fun

This is a dwarf cat. They have lots of the physical characteristics of large cat breeds, minus their short legs. Those stubby stems don’t keep this kitty off the playground, though.

Munchkin cats are highly playful. Their short legs have lots of pounce in them. Munchkins love to run laps around their owners or to jump up to surprisingly high heights. They have vast amounts of energy and love being handled.4

Cornish rex cat sitting sideways on a sofa indoorThe Cornish Rex – A Tiny Bundle Of Youthful Energy

This kitty serves as a reminder that small cats can have big, oversized personalities. Their curly, exotic short hair seems to enhance their sense of humor about life. They’re definitely the jokesters of the litter. They will steal food or chase toys. Anything to capture your attention.

One myth that’s worth dispelling is that the Cornish Rex is hypoallergenic because of its short hair. This isn’t necessarily true, so do some extra research if you’re worried about allergies.5

Small Cat Breeds With Equally Big Appeal

These small cat breeds are a little bigger than the tiny cat breeds from above, which may be great for anyone with little kids or dogs. Still, their small stature scratches that itch for a forever kitten.

Siamese Cats – The Lightweight Wonder

These cats are larger than some of the tiny cat breeds above, but they tend to be very light. This makes them perfect for anyone who wants a kitten in their lap and a tiger on the playground.

They are endlessly curious and the talkers of the bunch. They love to express their opinions on all kitty related matters i.e. food and that pesky dog next door.6

If you decide to go this route, you may also consider an Oriental Shorthair, which is a hybrid of a Siamese and a shorthair breed like an Abyssinian.7

White turkish angora odd eye cat lying down seen from the side looking at the camera isolated on a white backgroundTurkish Angora – The Little Dancer

Like the Siamese, this is another small-medium sized cat that has a very elegant physique. They are often described as “ballerina like” because of their light stature and incredible agility.

They are clever and playful companions that are even up to go for a swim.8

Japanese Bobtail – Where Smarts Meet Fun

These small-to-medium sized cats are slender and light. Their physique resembles a bigger cat, but their personality is all kitten. These fun and affectionate cats are highly intelligent and playful. They’ll splash their paws in water, carry toys around with pride, or even sing the day away with their melodic meows.9

87116071 - the egyptian mau is outEgyptian Mau – The Never-Ending Play Machine

Egyptian Maus have boundless stores of energy. It’s like the fountain of youth never dries up for them. Their youthful speed and kitty jubilance lasts well into adulthood.

These cats are particularly fast and athletic. They love to jump up high or run after toys. Like any kid, they can be shy around new people. So, lots of socializing early on helps them deal with unexpected noises and people down the line.10

A Tiny Cat Can Make A Big Addition

There’s no end of cuteness in sight when these small cat breeds are around. Even some of the small-medium sized cats on the list have enough tiny cat charisma to make them feel like forever kittens.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these tiny, small, or medium-sized cat breeds. They’ll all be a big addition to your home, family, and heart.

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