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When it comes to Halloween, animal safety should be a top priority as a pet owner. With all the sweet treats and new visitors at the door, there are certain precautions worth taking to keep your pet safe and happy. Follow these pet safety tips this Halloween.

Don’t Let Pets Go In The Yard Unsupervised

There are a lot of great activities surrounding Halloween. Kids of all ages will be all over the neighborhood, so you can expect to hear your doorbell ringing several times throughout the night. Especially if you live in a residential neighborhood.

All of the strangers coming to your door could lead to stress for your pet. If your pet is spooked, they might try to escape.

If your pet seems frightened, you might want to consider keeping them in the bedroom or a crate located far from the front door.1

Whether you have a puppy, a kitten or an adult pet, you should always keep them inside whenever possible on Halloween night. When you have to let your dog out to do their “business,” make sure you’re with them at all times.

This popular celebration can quickly take a turn for a frightened animal. Keeping your pet inside will be the best way to keep them safe and sound.

Watch Out For Glow Sticks

halloween animal | Ultimate Pet NutritionGlow sticks are popular among children on Halloween night. Make sure you keep these sticks away from your pets. Your pet might be tempted to chew or bite down on a glow stick releasing toxic liquid into their mouth.2

Collars And ID Chips

You should always make sure your pets have collars with your name and address on them. If your pet doesn’t already have an identification microchip, consider getting them one as soon as possible. A microchip is a permanent method of identification. This is a very small chip that is implanted just below the skin. Each chip has a unique number that can be detected using a microchip scanner. This is important no matter what time of year it may be. It’s especially important on Halloween.

Again, plenty of pets get easily spooked on this night. They may be more prone to try and escape as a result. If your pet should find his or her way out of your home, a collar and ID chip can greatly increase the chances your companion will be returned.

What To Do If Your Puppy Or Kitty Has Ingested Halloween Candy: Call The Veterinarian ASAP

If you have children in your home, they’ll more than likely bring home a lot of candy on Halloween night. This can be a major problem for your pet. Your dog might not be able to resist the smell of chocolate and might tear into the candy, wrappers and all.

If chocolate is ingested by your pet, it can lead to rapid breathing and an increased heart rate. It can even be fatal. Other candy products will likely contain xylitol, which can lead to seizures and a sudden loss of coordination.3

When it comes time for your children or grandchildren to divvy up their candy, leave the dog in another room and make sure you store any candy out of their reach.

halloween animal | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Chocolate Poisoning: When To Take Your Pet To The Veterinarian

Chocolate is toxic to not only dogs, but cats as well.

The reason chocolate is dangerous for pets is that it contains caffeine as well as a compound known as theobromine. While humans have no problem metabolizing theobromine, the same can’t be said for dogs and cats. Dark chocolate contains much more of this chemical than does milk chocolate.

If your dog eats a small amount of chocolate keep an eye on them and look for any signs of distress. These include drooling, diarrhea, neurological problems such as twitching, and vomiting. If you notice any of these signs or if your dog eats a moderate amount of chocolate, get them to the vet immediately.

If you’re unsure exactly how much they had, take them to the vet. It’s better to be safe than risk your pet’s health.

The faster you act, the better the chances your beloved pet will make a full recovery.4

Safe Halloween Costumes For Dogs And Cats: Sizing, Materials, And Other Considerations

halloween animal | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Many pet owners love to buy or create Halloween pet costumes. You might be thinking of putting a lion’s mane on your cat or dressing your dog up as a Star Wars character. Some pet parents opt for a spooky look.

If you choose to put your pet in a colorful outfit, make sure he or she wants to do it. If you take your dog around the neighborhood on a leash, you don’t want him or her to be uncomfortable. A simple bandana around the neck will look great and won’t cause any issues.

Make sure the costume doesn’t restrict your pet’s motion in any way or hinder the pet’s eyes or hearing. Above all, make sure it doesn’t cover your pet’s mouth or interfere with breathing. Masks for your pet are a definite no-no.

It may be helpful to try the costume on before Halloween so your pet won’t be surprised when the big night arrives.

Keeping Your Pet Safe And Happy On Halloween

Halloween is a special night filled with fun. It’s not a night to be fearful that something will happen to your pet. If you take a few simple precautions, your furry companion will be just fine.

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