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If you’re wondering how to keep your dog entertained while at work, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of dog parents are wondering the same thing. How do they make sure their pet stays happy and occupied for hours at a time while they’re at the office?

Your pooch needs a good deal of mental stimulation during the day to stave off boredom, and to reduce the chances of engaging in destructive behavior. These tips will show you some of the things that dogs love to do, things that will help keep them from using your furniture or shoes as chew toys.

Getting Your Pooch Used To The Idea Of Being Alone At Home

how to keep dog entertained while at work | Ultimate Pet NutritionYou may already know to make sure your pet has an ample supply of food and water to get them through the day. And you probably also know to make sure they have access to a favorite toy and a comfy place to sleep.

What you might not know is that there is a way you can train your pet to get used to being alone during your work hours. Gradually increasing the time they’re by themselves will help you feel a lot better about leaving them on their own. For example, leave them in another part of your home while you’re there. Go outside for an hour or so, or put your pet outside.1

Provide some treats before you leave them alone. That way, they’ll associate something positive with you being gone. You might hear some howling or even crying. It’s going to be tough, but you can’t react to this behavior. The reason is you might end up reinforcing it. Just let your pet work through these emotions.2

If you have any questions about acclimating your dog to being alone, talk to your vet.

Info For Dog Parents With Full Time Jobs: Keeping Your Pup Entertained For Hours

dog entertainment | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

You obviously love your pet, and you want your companion to be as happy as possible. But at the same time, you have to make a living. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your pet occupied. Here are some great ideas:

  • Consider buying a new toy (or several toys) to help keep your pooch from getting bored.
  • Get a toy that dispenses treats (or one you can fill with something your pup loves, like peanut butter).
  • Rotate existing toys out every few days, so your pet can have something “new.”
  • Hide toys around the house for your pup to discover while you’re gone.
  • Try giving your pup a frozen toy. Freeze a delicious treat in ice and leave it out for your dog to enjoy as the ice melts.3

Other Entertainment Ideas For Your Pet

Have you ever noticed your pet watching television with you? Keeping the TV on during your work hours could also help relieve boredom. It might also provide some comfort for them. There’s even a special channel, known as DOGTV, made specifically for keeping your pet company during the day. It’s available on several satellite and cable systems across the country.4

Here’s another idea: set up an ottoman by a window so your furry friend can look outside while you’re gone. That might help keep your pet occupied for a while as well. Just be aware of the fact that if your pet doesn’t like strangers, or tends to bark at vehicles that go by, this might not be a good option.

Should You Consider Installing A Pet Camera In Your Home?

trendy dog with cell phone | Ultimate Pet NutritionA pet camera could be another way to alleviate dog boredom. You can keep an eye on your pooch to see what they’re up to all day and even talk to them through a special microphone setup. Watching your pet via a pet camera might also give you other ideas about what you can do when it comes to keeping your pet from getting bored while you’re at the office.

A camera might even be a source of dog entertainment. You can find cameras with features such as a high-tech treat dispenser you can activate remotely. This kind of interaction might help keep your pet happy throughout the day.5

What Are Some Of The Signs Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation?

Whether you have a new Bulldog puppy, an adult German Shepherd, or anything in between, all dogs need mental stimulation. Otherwise, they can easily become bored to the point where they start exhibiting destructive behavior. Most dogs will give you signs that boredom is a problem.

For example, does your dog have a problem relaxing? Does your pooch find it hard to simply get in one spot and chill out? That could be a sign of boredom. Another sign is tail chasing. If your pet keeps running around in circles, that could be the result of obsessive behavior associated with boredom.6

Should You Get Another Dog?

One possible way to relieve dog boredom is to adopt another dog. The companionship of a second pet might just be what your pooch needs. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the two will get along. You’ll also need to be 100 percent certain you have the resources needed in order to properly take care of an extra pet.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Separation Anxiety And Destructive Behavior? It’s Time To See The Veterinarian

naughty dog in mess | Ultimate Pet NutritionIf your pet damages parts of your home whenever you’re gone for any extended amount of time, that could be due to separation anxiety. This is a major problem that could threaten your relationship between you and your dog.7 Thankfully, however, your vet has several ways of addressing this issue.

Talk to your vet to see if medication might be needed to help your pet. In some instances, separation anxiety can be a sign of a medical problem. Have your pooch thoroughly checked out to make sure this isn’t the case.8

The one thing you should never do is punish a dog who is going through separation anxiety. Your pet isn’t doing this because they dislike you. Actually, the opposite is true. They love you so much they can’t bear to be away from you. Punishment will only make the situation worse.9

Make A Commitment To Your Dog’s Happiness

You’ve got lots of options to keep your pet entertained while you’re gone during the day. Whether it’s an interactive toy, hiding treats throughout your home, or simply keeping the television turned on, hopefully, you’ll find something that keeps your pooch feeling content as they pass the hours until you return.

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