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Learning about “how to get rid of dog smell in house” isn’t that hard – but putting that knowledge to work will take some effort. Pet odors can be overwhelming at times. You love your dog, of course, but you could do without that doggy smell. Here are a few tips to help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Remember, though, that extremely powerful odors can sometimes be a sign of a health issue, as you’ll learn here in a bit. If you notice odors that are out of the ordinary, you should strongly consider taking your pooch to the vet.

Are Pet Odors Taking Over Your Home? Learn How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In House

steam cleaning rug | Ultimate Pet NutritionDogs have a natural scent that can, well, make you want to pinch your nose at times. Thankfully, though, there are a lot of things you can do to get rid of those troublesome odors.

First, pull all of the cushions off of the furniture in your home and give everything a thorough vacuuming. If you have cushion covers or slipcovers on your furniture, take those off as well and put them in the washing machine. Sweep under all the furniture and between all the crevices you can see.

If you have carpet, you’ll need to clean that as well. You might need a cleaning machine to really get deep into your carpeting. There’s a good chance you can rent one. But, if you’d rather not, you can always call a professional carpet cleaning service.

You might also consider getting a pet odor eliminator or enzyme cleaner at your local pet store. As the name implies, enzyme cleaners use enzymes to break down stains. But you can also make a cleaning product at home that will be just as effective. Here’s a look at how to do it.

Cleaning Urine Stains And Getting Rid Of Urine Smell In Carpet: Make A DIY Cleaner And Odor Neutralizer

There are those rare instances where an accident will happen, making the smell in your home that much worse. If you have a urine smell in your home as well as the usual pet smells, here are some options that will help you get rid of both.

natural cleaning | Ultimate Pet NutritionIf you like to go the DIY route, you can make an effective cleaner using ingredients you probably already have in your home, such as vinegar and baking soda. Gather any blankets or linens that have urine on them and put them in the washing machine. Add ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to your regular detergent and wash as normal. That should do a great job of removing odors.

If you have just one small area of carpeting where your dog has urinated, pour a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. After you spray, let it sit for a few minutes and then dab the area dry with a paper towel.

Next, sprinkle baking soda on your carpeting. Don’t be afraid to use a liberal amount of baking soda to get rid of urine odors. Put it on the spot where your dog peed and use a cleaning brush to rub it into the carpet. Keep it on the carpet overnight and then vacuum the next morning.

Other Ways To Help Keep Your Home Free From Dog Odors

There are plenty of other methods you can use to keep pet odors in check. For example, get a dog bed that’s resistant to pet smells. You shouldn’t have any problems finding one with a removable cover that you can wash. An air purifier can also trap odors so they don’t waft through your home.

Don’t forget your dog’s toys. They can accumulate saliva and really stink. If they’re washable, try to wash them once a week. If they’re not, keep them in a secure area and rotate them out. Keep a box of baking soda in the area where you store the toys. Baking soda does a great job of absorbing odors.

How To Prevent Dog Odors From Overpowering Your Home

dog in bath with shower cap | Ultimate Pet NutritionRegular bathing can help keep odors in check. There are a lot of factors that go into determining how often your dog will need a bath. If he or she stays inside most of the time, just a few baths a month will be enough. If your pooch is mostly an outside dog, he or she will need more baths.

Just make sure you don’t give your dog too many baths. The reason is that excessive bathing can lead to skin irritation and may even increase the risk of infections. Let your nose be your guide. If you can smell your dog, it’s probably time for a bath. 1

If you have any doubts as to how often your dog needs to be bathed, talk to your vet. He or she can also give you some guidance as to whether you should bathe your dog at home or go to a professional groomer.

Check Your Dog’s Anal Glands

cleaning anal glands | Ultimate Pet NutritionThe topic of your pet’s anal glands isn’t a particularly pleasant one. However, the anal glands can sometimes lead to powerful odors that can be extremely difficult to eliminate.

These glands contain fluid that provides other dogs with a sort of snapshot of your pet. For example, they can tell other pooches about the gender and age of your dog. They can even give a general picture of your pet’s overall health.2 That’s a big reason why your pet will sniff another dog’s poop when you’re on a walk. Dogs are extremely curious about the others in their neighborhood.

The glands are supposed to empty when a dog has a bowel movement. If they don’t, that can lead to an increased risk of an infection or an abscess. Anal glands will sometimes have to be emptied, or “expressed,” in order for a dog to have a normal bowel movement. 3

You will probably be much better off having your groomer or vet manually express your dog’s anal glands. A professional will know how to do it without risking injury to your pet. If your dog scoots on their bottom or continually licks the area near the anus, get to the vet. The anal glands may need to be cleaned out.4

Signs A Dog’s Odors Could Be Due To A Medical Issue

doggy smell | Ultimate Pet NutritionIn some instances, foul odors may come from your dog because of a medical problem. Really bad breath is one example. If your dog’s breath is all of a sudden worse than normal, that could mean there’s a tooth infection present. If it has a metallic odor or smells something like urine, there’s a chance your dog could have a kidney problem.5 Get to the vet as soon as you can.

If your dog emits some particularly powerful gas, that could mean he or she ate something bad. This will be particularly true if the dog also vomits or has diarrhea.6

A Clean-Smelling Dog Makes For A Happy Home

Your dog loves to be with you and loves to get the affection you provide. It can be tough to do that, though, if your pup smells bad. But if you take the necessary steps to reduce the odors in your home, then you and your beloved pet can continue to live in harmony.

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