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If you have to ask, “Are cats loyal?” then you’re probably not a cat owner. Humans who love cats know that they’re not only loyal animals, they’re also fantastic companions. There is even evidence that owning a cat can support your health and other aspects of your life.

Cats aren’t the aloof creatures many people make them out to be. Here’s a look at why a cat makes a great pet.

The Benefits Of Having A Cat In Your Home

There are a lot of scientifically proven ways humans may benefit from having a cat as a pet. Here are just a few of them.

Can Cats Have An Effect On Your Mood And Well-Being?

If you’re like a lot of people, you might find yourself watching funny or cute cat videos at certain times of the day – maybe when you should be working instead.

But according to one study, watching cat videos might benefit your mood.

are cats loyal | Ultimate Pet NutritionA survey of more than 7,000 respondents found that those who watch cute cat videos not only have more energy, they have more positive emotions and fewer negative ones.

Another great benefit of owning a cat is the effect they might have on your stress levels. Just like man’s best friend, having a cat companion might also help with times of high stress.1

Can Cats Have An Effect On Your Immune System?

A study shows that exposure to dogs and cats helps strengthen the immune systems of young children. This might help to protect them from respiratory issues down the road.2

Feline Behavior: Rubbing, Purring, And More

Dog and cat owners know their pets love them. But a cat shows affection in subtle ways that are a lot different from how dogs show their love. For a cat, affection could mean a simple flip of the tail or a blink of the eyes.

But these beautiful creatures do show they care. Meowing, rubbing their cheeks on you, and purring are just a few of the ways an affectionate cat shows how much they love you.

Purring – When you hear a loud purr, that likely means your cat is feeling relaxed and enjoys being in your company. Purring tends to get especially loud when you stroke a cat in a certain spot, such as under the chin or on top of your head. But purring can sometimes mean your cat is in pain – it’s important to know the difference. If you have concerns about your cats purring, bring them in to the vet for an exam.

Rubbing – Most cat breeds will rub their cheeks on someone when they feel safety and trust. It can also be an invitation to pet them.

Bunting – Why does your cat press their head against you from time to time? It’s not just a sign of trust, but also a sign of affection. Your cat is actually marking you as “territory,” meaning they consider you to be theirs.4

Cat Bunting | Ultimate Pet Nutrition


What About Meowing?

Cat meowing is a sign your cat wants attention or affection, but it’s also a sign that your pet loves you. There are certain meows cats and kittens give that show they’re in an affectionate mood.5

In some instances, however, excessive meowing can be a sign that your cat is suffering some sort of health issue. The context in which a cat meows should give cat owners clues as to whether or not they need to take their animal to the vet.6

Your Cat’s Care: Feeding, Grooming, Physical Activity, And Cleaning The Litter Box

Before you bring home your new cat, there are some responsibilities you’ll need to take care of first. For example, you’ll need to get cat food, a litter box, and maybe some catnip and a few toys.

Whether you bring home an adult cat or a kitten that’s only a few months old, you want to make sure your new pet has a smooth transition to your home. Here are a few tips to help.

Consider Getting Your Cat A Companion

Sometimes, pet owners have a change in their work schedule after bringing home a new cat. If you find you have to be away from home longer than you expected, consider adopting another cat if possible. Having a little companionship could help reduce the chances that your pet will experience separation anxiety.

are cats loyal | Ultimate Pet NutritionVisit Your Veterinarian

All cat owners should take their new cat to the vet to make sure the animal has a thorough checkup and all necessary immunizations.

Play Time

Cats typically want to play – a lot. Get them a few toy mice or some balls to bat around and they’ll be happy. A small, open cardboard box can keep a cat entertained for hours.

Establish A Grooming Routine

Get your cat used to a grooming routine as soon as you can. Most cats love a good brushing from time to time. The earlier you get the routine established, the better the chances the animal will look forward to it.7

Consider Rescuing Feral Cats

Cats can bring years of enjoyment to their human beings. These feline friends come in many different forms. Some people love common cat breeds, such as Persian cats, while others go for something a little harder to find, such as an exotic shorthair.

A lot of people opt to bring home a domestic cat. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are plenty of them who need rescue from your local animal shelter.

But please don’t forget about the wild cats who may be in your area. They need love as well.

While it might take some work to turn a wild feline from a feral cat to a domesticated family member, the effort is worth it in the long run.

Cats care about their humans. Whether they are already domesticated or they’ve grown up in the wild, they can become loving family members you’ll cherish for years.

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